Today, let’s take stock of the white papers. Derived from a first institutional use, the white paper business (adaptation of the English term “white paper” ) is originally a document dedicated to a defined Jamaica Email List helping decision making. It is now written in such a way as to put forward the expertise of the company in a neutral way by bringing as much information as possible to the user in the hope that they will trust you and become your client.

This tool was popularized in the IT field because of the technical nature of IT products and services but also the organization of the sector. Today we commonly denote bywhite paper any corporate document that can be disseminated on the internet and aimed at informing an audience on a given topic. Initially used exclusively in a very technical BtoB environment, it is now used in all types of sectors.

What Is The Point Of Publishing A White Paper?

Making a white paper is a lot of work. It is smart to require the visitor to fill out a contact form to access the download of the white paper. Thus, the provision of your “white paper” will support your business development and allow you to build a database of qualified prospects (inbound marketing) . Assuming that your white paper contains information of interest to your targets, downloads of your white papers will primarily be made by individuals seeking to acquire products or services.offered by your company in the short or medium term.

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Whether you market secure online storage solutions for large companies or your company installs automatic portals for individuals, the potential buyers of your solutions will mainly seek to accumulate as much information as possible about the products and services. available on the market, before proceeding to the act of purchase. This is where your white paper will come in because by sharing your experience to deliver information, you position yourself as a specialist in your field and gain credibility. Your prospects will tend to choose yousince you will have them help them make a rational choice!

How To Produce A White Paper?

First, define the objective of your white paper, and the targets for it. A great place to start is to find a topic that answers the main questions of your targets. A white paper should provide neutral and constructive information; it is not an extended version of your sales brochures or other product data sheets. Regarding the information disseminated, an innovative summary must be proposed and supplemented with data with high added value. Adopt a neutral and non-promotional tone, and if you are not used to it, do not hesitate to seek help from an outside provider.

Also keep in mind that by publishing a document on the internet channel (even in a limited way) you lose all control over its circulation, and you will not be able to make it disappear under any circumstances. Everyone can potentially have access to your white paper (competitors, sector specialists, institutional and regulatory players), and it should therefore be taken into account when writing it. Don’t post information that you can’t confirm to an expert in your field, nor post strategic and confidential information that will serve your competition.

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