Keeping an eye out for what’s hot, what terminology is being used, what new sport is being practiced, what young people between the ages of 15 and 35 are joking about, is key to running effective advertising campaigns. A good example of this is the massive use in recent years, by the big brands, of references to pop culture and “Internet language”. Jokes that have become famous online, funny photos, memes, superhero movies,

And references to internet characters are all elements used in recent and successful advertising campaigns. Millennials have their own codes, their language. Learn the terms and don’t be afraid to use them. If you Hong Kong Phone Number to sell to this generation, you need to look this cool. 3- Communication is now multidirectional In the past, a brand communicated unidirectionally with its public. There was very little feedback, and almost certainly not in real time.

Facebook You Put An Ad On Tv

Or in the newspaper, and that’s it. Your audience learned about the new product, the new service or the changes in the product or services provided by a one-way channel. This is over. Millennials weigh in on brands, products and services in real time , in multi-directional conversations. Internet forums, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks are powerful scenarios where thousands, if not millions, of conversations take place at the same time.

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If you want to be able to sell to this generation online, you have to be willing to serve them through their natural means of communication. Therefore, Think that the online presence in social networks is as if you opened the door of your store and sat behind the counter ready to attend to anyone who enters. Therefore,  It does not matter. The store is the Internet and by extension, the world. And the counter is the communication interface that you prefer: Twitter and Facebook are the two most recommended.

How To Take Advantage Of Social Networks

To promote your products and services Do you already have a presence with your business in the main social networks? Therefore, These, in addition to being useful for creating a community and boosting your branding, can help you sell more. Discover the best techniques in this free ebook! Therefore, But not the only ones. For Asian markets, Badoo and Alibaba are two great options.

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