In the digital world, the word design sprint is very likely to mean something to you. Used to accelerate problem solving and creativity in the company, the design sprint aims to meet the needs of the target quickly at Qatar Email List costs. It is a completely innovative idea which makes it possible to impose a time constraint on the teams. This temporary constraint makes it possible to limit the uncertainties that the participating teams may encounter. This way, there is no room for doubt or too much thinking. You have to be immediately into action and prototyping.

As with all methods, it is necessary to train yourself to be efficient and apply this method during workshops with clients. With more than 16 years of experience spent supporting their clients in the digital field, what do Nicolas, Thibaut and Jérôme, associates of the 50A agency, retain from their training in design sprint and their workshop animation?

Training That Provides The Basics

Thibaut, Operations Director at 50A had the opportunity to follow a Design Sprint training with Google certified experts. This training allowed him to deepen and enrich his knowledge through collective work on concrete and real cases. “The design sprint decreases complexity, and allows you to create value quickly.”
The design sprint revolves around five major key stages. Each of these stages is made up of modules that allow you to alternate between collective and individual work sessions.

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Day 1 is devoted to the formalization of the challenge as well as to the understanding of the problem. Day 2 consists of disagreeing and deciding. “ In the morning we start with a benchmark, then a phase that I love Crazy 8’S, it’s about finding and explaining or drawing 8 ideas in 8 minutes. Then everyone must formulate a “Big idea” as we say in 5 minutes. We then attack the Design Studio phase which allows us to formalize the user flows. This makes it possible to understand and anticipate user behavior in order to create experiences in accordance with their behavior. ”

– A Time Keeper Facilitating Emulsion And Therefore Rendering.

In conclusion, the design sprint is a method which makes it possible to solve a problem of creativity and to answer the most critical questions of the company in an efficient way. “ I can only recommend this method to all companies or organizations wishing to innovate, create, carry out product or service design projects. We are also inspired by this method to run all our workshops with our customers. ”

Then comes day 3 where the goal is to prototype by sketching the wireframes and then producing the static prototype and animating it afterwards. Day 4 is the day of the test: “First of all, we write the test protocol, which allows the prototype to be adjusted so that it can be tested”. Finally on the last day, the objective is to prioritize: “First, we tell the story by mapping all the stages that allowed us to achieve a prototype. We prepare our pitch and give it back to the customer ”.

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