Throughout the Jamaica Phone Number List Quality Rater Guidelines, Google mentions that it should be easy to contact the company whose site you are on. In Google’s eyes, if your website doesn’t allow visitors to contact you, you’re probably hiding something. It is a question of transparency. If you want your website visitors to be able to call you, put a phone number in the header and footer. Use a live chat plugin to allow visitors to chat with you. Have a dedicated “Contact Us” page. Even if your website is just a blog, and nothing else, provide readers with an email address to contact you.

examples-contact-agency-90 Create a privacy policy You can also classify this criterion in the “reliability” part of EAT. Almost every site on the internet should have a privacy policy. If you accept credit card information for payments, use analytical tools (like Google Analytics), or use remarketing tools , you should have a privacy policy. Privacy policies tell users how you plan to collect and use their data. Google wants to see the privacy policy on a website because it builds trust and you do nothing wrong with the data you collect. Your privacy policy should appear in the footer of every page of your website.

Pages Of Your Company And Your Authors

Create an editorial policy If you write and publish content on your website, you should consider creating editorial guidelines / guidelines. This step is expressly mentioned in the guidelines of Google in its guide. Editorial guidelines will help you improve your reliability by proving that you have a well-defined process for creating and editing content. Google cites the editorial guidelines of BBC News and USA Today as important pages. BBC News even goes so far as to have a section of their site dedicated to their editorial policy. bbc-editorial-policy This is something that Google clearly values ​​a lot.

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If you’re serious about the content you create, it won’t hurt to spend some time creating editorial guidelines. Collect positive reviews Positive reviews on third-party websites tell Google that you are a trusted authority in your industry. Quality Raters are instructed to consider a company’s reviews on Google My Business , Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau when assessing the EAT of a specific website. It’s safe to assume that while QRs are supposed to examine these websites, Google’s algorithm takes these platforms into account as well. Invest in security Security is an important topic for Google. In 2015, the Mountain View firm said secure websites would rank higher than unsecured sites.

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According to Google, secure sites are more reliable. You should at least make sure that your website has its SSL certificate. You should also look at the safety standards in your industry. Your goal is to create the most reliable website possible. Google and your website visitors will reward you. Consider your authors With expertise and authority being two-thirds of the EAT, it can be assumed that you need to take the authors of your content seriously.

If your interns are writing all of the content for your blog, Google probably won’t consider them to be experts. The experts in your business are members of your management team, or people who have been in the industry for some time. If you’re having a hard time convincing these people to write your blog content for you, consider using a Ghost Writer. As long as the Ghost Writer you use has a proven track record of creating high-quality content, Google will likely never know that content posted under your CEO’s name wasn’t actually written by them. Remove low EAT content A few pieces of poor quality content can drag your entire website down.  Take the time to find your shoddy pages and get rid of them.

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