Something bloggers often think about – writing is more often the focus. But a good blog design can make a difference in providing a better user experience. Poor design can affect readability which will cause people to leave the blog instead of reading it. Take a look at the design of your blog before you go public. Is the size of the text large enough to be read? Is there enough space around the text and between the words? Look at the fonts on your blog. Are they complementary? In line with your tone and positioning? Beyond the design of the blog platform, you also need to make sure that the way you structure your posts is easy to read. Paragraphs should be kept small (2-3 lines maximum) and divided into separate sections with headings and subheadings.

Also include visuals in the body of the blog post – infographic, graphics, mind maps , quotes, videos are all things that make your post easier to read. According to Mark Lindquist, marketing strategist at Mailshake, the best images accentuate and build on written content, rather than just serving as a distraction between two paragraphs. “Take this article on LinkedIn prospecting that we recently published. We have some custom images to make it more visually appealing, but a lot of images actively move the article forward. ” When it comes to visuals, it’s best to avoid royalty-free images that are a bit pompous because they have been overused in recent years. Prefer creative and original content, or exclusive photos, if you can. There are dozens of resources online that will allow you to effortlessly achieve these visuals.

Benifits of Twitter’s Algorithm Work?

SEO is what will help people find your blog posts and rank your content among your competitors on Google. This is what you need to grow your audience and build awareness for your brand. When writing your blog according to SEO guidelines, you will need to Iceland Phone Number choose a keyword or main query that your article should answer. Here, it is the research intent of your readers that will guide your writing. You can write the best blog posts, if your paragraphs aren’t punctuated with visuals, there’s a good chance your audience will lose track. Remember, there are hundreds if not thousands of other blogs in your industry vying for attention – you need to do something a little different to stand out from the crowd. This is where the visuals come in. A great blog header will grab the attention of readers and bring your blog to life.

Iceland Phone Number
Iceland Phone Number

Integrate media to boost your tweets. For example, tweets with GIF get 55% times more engagements and those with video 10X more! Respond to your subscribers, be human and don’t be indifferent. Analyze your statistics to optimize the performance of your next publications. And you, do you have any tips to improve engagement on Twitter? Instead, after you’ve written your blog, spend at least 30-45 minutes revising it. You will always find things to correct, even if you’ve been careful. Writing with SEO in mind is a completely different practice than writing a regular blog. It’s more technical and requires you to follow good practices. But it is a long term investment. Indeed, an article that applies good SEO practices can see its traffic evolve over time, even years later.

Why Twitter’s Algorithm Work?

What are the signals that promote the popularity of a tweet? The “freshness” of the publication: the more recent, the better. Engagement: the number of retweets, clicks, likes, as well as the number of people who saw the tweet. The type of media the tweet contains: image, video, GIF, poll, twitter card. Factors inherent in the account: seniority, number of subscribers, etc. It is not because an account has a lot of subscribers that its tweets will be the most popular, it contributes, but it is not systematic (the reverse is also valid). Here are some tips to improve engagement with your posts. Engage with your followers, maintain positive interactions, provide constructive comments. Use hashtags, but in moderation, one or two no more, you’re not on Instagram!

With over 500 million tweets posted every day, it’s pretty hard to stand out without putting in a little bit of effort or sponsorship. In order to better understand how Twitter works, I suggest you discover the different factors that go into the engagement of a tweet and how to improve it thanks to the infographic produced by Digital Information World. You should know that in 2019, Twitter decided to change the news feed of its platform or at least leave the choice to the user. Indeed, it is possible to choose between the flow in real time, that is to say in chronological order or to see the most popular and relevant tweets of your network. It is in this second choice that the algorithm will come into play, in the first case there will only be advertising to stand out.

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