Currently only available in Australia, France, Germany, UK, US and Canada. Local Sri-Lanka Phone Number stock in your company profile A free option to display your local stock in your company profile. In addition, the products are also displayed for free in Sri-Lanka Phone Number Google Search, Images, Shopping, Maps and Lens. Currently already available in the US and Canada. Online Meal Orders It is clear that meal delivery is booming : after a successful 2020, turnover rose Sri-Lanka Phone Number by 19.2% in 2021. As a local restaurant or local establishment, you also want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to order food from you. In mid-April, Google therefore rolled out a new feature that makes.

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It possible to place an order directly at your Sri-Lanka Phone Number favorite local restaurant via Google Assistant, Maps or Search. The functionality is now also available in the Netherlands . There is currently only a lack of providers. Until then, you can Sri-Lanka Phone Number of course add a link to an external ordering website. Google Business Profile As of this month, the name of Google My Business (GMB) has change to Google Business Profile. In addition to the name Sri-Lanka Phone Number change, a number of other things have also changed: You can claim and verify your business profile directly from the search results. You can also manage your profile directly from Google Search or Google Maps. Just search for your company name.

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are saying goodbye to the GMB app and the Sri-Lanka Phone Number GMB website. For companies with multiple profiles and locations, there will be a Company Profile Manager. Now with the familiar interface, but updates will undoubtedly be made in the coming Sri-Lanka Phone Number months. It was already possible to reply to messages via your browser, but you can now also do this directly from Maps and Search, including read receipts. In the US and Canada it is now also Sri-Lanka Phone Number possible to view the call history. In addition to the total number of miss and answer calls, you can also see who call and how often. It is expecte that this functionality, if successful, will also be roll out in Europe.

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