How do you find the right local influencers? Do you Qatar Phone Number work with local partners such as franchisees or affiliates with their own marketing budget? Then it is easiest to let them get started with local influencers. After all, they are closer to the fire. They Qatar Phone Number know what is going on in the region and who the influencers are there. Of course you can give them some tips and tricks for finding the right influencers. Such as: Search among your own Qatar Phone Number followers. Do some local hashtag research. Search based on geolocation tag. Look for influencers that match your product and that also show a cultural fit. 2. Brand activism at the local level It’s been two interesting years in terms of brand activism.

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From Nike’s OurVoice campaign to encourage people Qatar Phone Number to vote in the US elections to Ben & Jerry’s Justice Remix’D flavor as a fight against systematic racism. The past year has been marked by a global pandemic, social protests and major environmental Qatar Phone Number disasters, which is precisely why consumers today expect brands to do more than just ‘do good’. They want actions rather than words. Without a good Corporate Social Responsibility plan you are Qatar Phone Number worth little as a brand. Brand activism has never been more important. What exactly is brand activism? Brand activism or brand activism refers to the active involvement of a brand in social issues, which are in line with the core values ​​of the brand and with the aim of improving society.

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Brand activism comes in many shapes and sizes and Qatar Phone Number can be of a social, political, economic or environmental nature. Brands like Tony Chocolonely and Ben & Jerry’s are perfect examples of brands doing a lot of brand activism. In fact, their brand is built Qatar Phone Number entirely on contributing to a better world. Brand activism at the local level As more and Qatar Phone Number more brands see the usefulness of brand activism, telling a good brand story on a global or national level is no longer enough. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to carry out brand activism at the local level.

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