On September 18, 2020, we received on our microphone Yaël Benayoun, Irénée Régnauld on the occasion of the release of their book “Technologies Saint Lucia Email List , democracy nowhere. Advocacy so that technological choices become everyone’s business. ” Yaël Benayoun, graduated in political philosophy and social sciences, she advises organizations that wish to acquire tools for observation and understanding of social realities.

Irénée Régnauld, has a degree in political science and international affairs, he is a consultant and author of the blog maisouvaleweb.fr where, since 2014, he has been discussing the social implications of digital technology. Yaël and Irénée are the co-founders of Mouton Numérique, an association that sheds light on the innovations facing society. The Digital Sheep firmly believes that citizens must participate in the exchanges that are currently taking place without them concerning technological advances. These are interfering more and more in their personal and professional lives.

Read The Digital Sheep Manifesto .

“The results of citizens’ conventions or other bodies are of good quality, but the deliberative spaces are not linked to the decision-making bodies. What gives spaces of expression without consequence ”Yaël Today the Digital Sheep has around a hundred members. The vocation of the association is to organize debates, literary meetings and other meetings on reflections and fundamental subjects, such as for example security devices during confinement or educational continuity.

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It is in the tradition of the Digital Sheep that Yaël and Irénée write their first 4-handed book entitled Technologies tout, democratie nowhere. Advocacy so that technological choices become everyone’s business at FYP editions. For the record, the inspiration for the title comes from a sign seen during a demonstration.

In This 240-page Book, The Authors Ask Themselves Two Main Questions:

How do we collectively choose technologies in a democracy?
What effects can certain technologies have on democracy?
Irénée and Yaël highlight the fact that we, citizens, are not questioned about technological choices. These are reserved for manufacturers and public authorities. However, Yaël and Irénée are convinced that for a better technological future, the population must take part in its debates and study all the technological possibilities that exist and not the only ones imposed on us by large groups.

“The technological choices we make validate a cultural horizon.” Irenaeus Numerous French and foreign studies have been carried out on the impact that technologies have on our lives. It is important not to ignore the conclusions drawn. This state of the art makes it possible to highlight the excesses and insert them into the public debate. Yaël and Irénée hope that all these studies will serve and fuel the debate so that promises are not kept.

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