We often follow up on an (internal) briefing too quickly, without Uruguay Phone Number asking critical questions. We want to get to creation quickly. Instead of taking a step or several steps back, we step by asking ourselves: What’s really going on here? Is the sketched Uruguay Phone Number image the real problem? How and why did this problem arise, by whom? When? What happens if you do nothing? What effects does this have? On who? Which social trends play a role here? Who is Uruguay Phone Number really our target audience? Do we know these people well? What drives them? What do they wake up to? Who and what influences this target group? Ultimately, you want to bring about a change in the target group through your communication.

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More web visits, brand awareness, engagement with Uruguay Phone Number the brand, product trial. Do you want to determine this change as clearly as possible? Use the 5 why question technique to unravel the core of a serious challenge. For example, by asking further Uruguay Phone Number questions, you sometimes suddenly end up with a completely different communication Uruguay Phone Number challenge than the briefing initially suggested. Also read: Targeted content: determine the right metrics [infographic] An example There is an internal call for a new website to attract more new customers. Why is a new website necessary? We are not easy to find! Why are we not easy to find? We do too little about our profiling.

Uruguay Phone Number

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Why do we do too little about our profiling? We focus Uruguay Phone Number too much on perfecting our services. Why do we only focus on perfecting our services? In this way we may be able to generate more turnover from our existing customers. Why can we get more Uruguay Phone Number revenue from our existing customers? We already know them but they may not know our wider range of services yet. Behind the call for a new website, there appears to be another issue. It is Uruguay Phone Number about working on the visibility of services with existing customers, in order to achieve even more turnover from these customers. 3. What are the measurable goals of your program? We often confuse goal and strategy. If the goal is the end point of your program, strategy is the way to get there.

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