The strong trend was that marketing felt like it had science in it. We relied on studies without taking the user into account. But that has changed especially with social networks. The Solomon Islands Email List of yesteryear no longer work. The user knows almost as much as the marketing manager. He loves to be satisfied quickly and to find alternatives. We have to use the knowledge of the users.

The question of Big data and its impact on the user is relevant. Today, with cybersecurity and GDPR regulations, we are talking about data protection needs. “83% of French people are ready to share their data with a company in order to access a more personalized customer experience.”

Ux And Big Data Trends

Most of the users give access to their personal data consciously. Before taking data into account, we could design alone. Now we are dehumanizing this process. Can we then automate user journeys with big data? The answer is yes. We can manage to automate them by including our user. The user journey is initially very human, but AI and Big data are not necessarily incompatible. We are moving towards this change. Everything is becoming digital and that has a lot of impact in companies, from a human point of view, from a process and workflow point of view. You will understand that the user journey was much simpler in a world without internet!

Solomon Islands Email List

The latest trends in UX are service and expertise. You have to get out of the user journey which allows you to explore and identify new avenues. You have to get out of it physically. At 50a, during a workshop, we took the customer teams outside. And they were asked to withdraw money from an ATM with wheelchairs. You have to create physical environments. The objective is to experiment with these new services.

On A Call-to-action

If you enjoyed this article, you can find all of our 50a Galaxy podcasts . Or to learn more about the user journey , feel free to watch our case study on the subject here . Note: We are talking about both the customer journey and the user journey. It all depends on whether you decide to put more emphasis on the experience than the act of purchase.

The copy: What information to include on your landing page? Should you clearly reposition your offering? Include what are the benefits? Add a testimonial? imagine several types of copies describing your offer in different ways;The form : Isn’t it too long? Too tedious to complete? Badly located? Evaluate the reaction of your future leads to the information you ask them

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