States would therefore not be in the best position to carry out their own transformation. What if the outcome came from the citizens? Jean-Michel Billaut, Turkmenistan Email List again the example of Estonia, and its principle of e-residence: “a beginning of the concept of transnationality which allows thousands of people to work all over the world and to be paid.

without being obliged to have their company in France or elsewhere. ” He mentioned the Civic tech initiatives,” people who are implementing to improve existing mechanical representative democracy. ” And also that of Bitnation: “Internet users who agree to create a world nation. ”

Trend # 2: Kpis Closely Scrutinized

The KPIs of Facebook are scrutinized as the algorithm of the social network often changes. Today, Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes posts from friends and family in the News Feed. However, Facebook has announced that the organic reach will be 2%.

Turkmenistan Email List

Brands have to constantly adapt to engage their community. 80% of web content will be video in 2018. What works best are Q&A and live, more favored in the news feed. But why is engagement declining? The Journal du CM provides some avenues for reflection, such as boosting publications and varying the content.

Trend # 3: Video Takes Back Its Rights

Video is the medium that has resumed its place for a few months. All the brands are taking advantage of this to deploy an innovative and inspiring approach. For example, a 6-second format, do live events or join forces with influencers on Youtube. Brianne Janacek Reeber delivers her recommendations.

The year 2017 was loaded with innovations and new user experiences , what will 2018 be like? Justinmind’s editorial interviewed 10 experts in the field to ask for their opinions. Trend # 5: The surge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial intelligenceThe Mark Zuckerberg VS Elon Musk fight: An opposing view.
The surge of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in social networks has changed the world of advertising and marketing. The potential and danger of artificial intelligence is not yet clear.
Read over 20 minutes the divergent visions of the giants of the net.


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