What are long tail keywords? Whether you are a simple blogger or a marketing director for a Canadian Email Lists active on the internet, you certainly visit your Google Analytics account several times a week to measure your progress and to adjust your digital marketing strategy .

However, among all the indicators that the platform offers , there is one that commands much more attention than the others: the evolution of incoming traffic to your website. Let’s face it: we always want more visitors to our website . This is quite normal, and it is also the basis of the funnel methodology specific to inbound marketing : More visitors = more leads = more customers. Discover 6 inbound marketing techniques to optimize your purchase funnel . At Markentive, we regularly offer our clients various strategies to optimize website traffic , and there is one that often leaves them puzzled when we present it to them: the long tail strategy. .

The choice of keywords, the heart of the SEO strategy

The long tail is a keyword optimization concept well known to SEO professionals. It consists of positioning yourself on a very specific request made up of 3 or more words. What is its interest, you will tell me?

As you probably know, keywords are essential in a digital strategy since they represent real entry points to your site . Indeed, when an Internet user searches for information on Google, he will make a request made up of specific keywords, to which will correspond several thousand (or even millions) of results classified in order of relevance. With this in mind, your marketing objective could not be simpler: to be placed at the forefront in the results page of a query corresponding to your business.

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The problem is, some keywords are more popular than others (how many results will you get for queries like “insurance”, “vacation” or “lawyer”?). This is where the long tail strategy will prove to be very interesting: rather than targeting one or two very competitive keywords, you would be better off trying to reach your potential customers via keywords and peripheral topics a lot. more precise .

The more specific your keywords, the less competition you have

By opting for SEO on weakly competitive keywords, you will ensure a statistically higher number of cumulative visits than searches on competitive words. The graphic below is a perfect illustration of this. : 70% of Internet users use queries made of specific keywords when doing research on the Internet.

In addition, visitors who land on your website will de facto be much more qualified since they will have introduced a very specific request to find you. It will therefore be easier for you to transform these visitors into leads, and possibly into customers ! Some tips for setting up a long tail strategy for your website
Use an online tool that measures search volume as well as keyword competitiveness. In order to plan your long tail strategy. The most useful was the Google Keyword Tool, which was recently replaced by the ” Keyword Planner “, which is now only available to Adwords account holders.

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