The Internet is growing in importance in all sectors of activity, which does not exclude the health and biotechnology industry. New habits of Namibia Email List professionals, a large proportion of physicians nearing retirement, reduction in the number of medical representatives, multiplication of social networks for physicians and patients… All the indicators have been brought together and announce a major strengthening of the digital marketing strategy for the pharmaceutical industry, in vitro diagnostics and medical devices.

To ensure the quality and relevance of content, search engines now take human actions and social networks into account . It is therefore important to take an interest in social media and community management to be successful. Even if this opens up new doors, the trade of fans, followers, likes, views on youtube … Without going into more detail, remember that there is no such thing as a miracle solution and that if one day it ends up being found, search engines will find a way to favor quality content and penalize artificial methods. It is therefore a question of concentrating on the value of the contents, their exclusive aspect and of creating the event with your communities. which you will have conquered at the cost of your efforts. Not really a miracle solution, therefore, but rather good practices to adopt.

The healthcare sector in the era of digitization

With the development of social networks and the mobile internet, the digitization of information flows and purchasing acts has not stopped gaining ground. In the health industry, there have been many upheavals for large groups that have long taken refuge behind a large force of medical visitors, brand ambassadors , and press relations . The regulatory and economic context also had an impact on the interlocutors and stakeholders. Formerly accustomed to the “doctor king” , the communication model of industrialists today takes more account of pharmacists and the general public.

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If we compare the data from the CNOM medical demography atlas of 2012, the average age of doctors in France is 51.5 years and more than 23% of doctors are over 60 years old, which suggests a major retirement for those accustomed to medical examinations, giving way to a new generation who are more comfortable with social networks and accustomed to using new technologies to find information relevant that she is looking for without easily yielding to advertising pressure.

The Logic Of Inbound Marketing, Answer To Questions From Large Industrial Groups?

The large healthcare groups have understood it well, times are changing, digital technology taking on capital importance to the detriment of medical visits, with a reallocation of communication resources continuing to be done in this direction. It is therefore a question of communicating via the Internet to patients, pharmacists and doctors.whose new generation will have no history with the brand …

This will be all the more complex as French doctors are still “shy” on the web even if they tend to express themselves more and more. According to a “Cegedim Strategic data” study, only 16% of French doctors use the Internet to find professional contacts against around 50% in Germany, England or the United States… A delay which should quickly be overcome with the arrival of French-speaking platforms professionals dedicated to exchanges between doctors and the arrival of these “digital native” doctors.

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