Despite the special Singapore WhatsApp Number List this year, we wanted to stay on the same timeline: an entrepreneurial competition giving rise to a prize-giving at the end of the year with an event (online, this time). 3 webinars allowed entrepreneurs to promote their know-how and experience. The first dealt with putting the customer permanently at the heart of the reactor in startups, the second with how to manage growth within startup teams without losing the startup spirit.. The third showed us how not to be scared with a hyper tech startup. This fourth and last webinar in the series is a round table to debrief the last edition of the competition and more generally to take stock and open up perspectives

for startups in the crisis we are experiencing today. This webinar is co-hosted by Louis-Alexandre Louvet, partner at ISLEAN, and Sanaa Moussaid, vice president of the Superior Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants (CSOEC), responsible for the digital sector within the CSOEC and creator of World of Numeric , a consulting firm dedicated to digital and strategic issues. Louis-Alexandre and Sanaa are accompanied by 3 speakers: Max Peuvrier, president of the financing committee of the CSOEC. He is a practicing chartered accountant in a firm and is therefore at the service of entrepreneurs. Frank Nouygirato, co-founder of Startups Weekends in 160 countries. He promotes entrepreneurship and defines himself as a venture

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builder. Mathieu de La Rochefoucauld, 20 years of experience in venture capital (Société Générale, Supernova Invest, Amundi Private Equity). Personally led a hundred investment transactions, and many in tech. digital grain club: round table What could have hit you during the crisis? Mathieu de La Rochefoucauld : found that we were more efficient in decision-making. The conditions imposed have accelerated digitization. “I even celebrated my birthday on video! He tells us. Franck Nouyrigat , by the gap between the slowness of the government to act and the community of entrepreneurs which is very much self-organized. He thinks that the current crisis had the action of an enzyme: what was getting bigger got bigger faster, and


what was going down collapsed. Digital companies have exploded, and others in the event industry have closed. What is happening is not anecdotal. The world after will be, to quote Houellebecq, “the same as before but worse”. Understand that it will be similar but with much more amplitude. According to him, we are living at the end of a time with the collapse of the governance of yesteryear. He said he was very worried and cautious for the years to come in Europe and France for structural reasons. For Max Peuvrier , the current crisis has changed his vision of teleworking. Everything being hosted remotely, employees were able

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to work from home. Then, as a representative of the compatables experts with BPI France and the government, he saw that companies took time to close their accounts during this busy period. According to Sanaa Moussaid , the beneficial period in that it allowed customers to integrate digital right away. According to her, this crisis reshuffles the cards and will allow us to leave for a better world. What was the reaction of investors during this period? For Mathieu de La Rochefoucauld, investors focused on their portfolios. They made sure that the companies had ensured the safety of the people. Then they checked the security of the companies in the portfolio, in particular by important cash flow monitoring updated every week, to be able

to help companies as much as possible to resort to all the exceptional government measures put in place. They were therefore able to share good practices between their entrepreneurs to secure the short term. Then they sought to secure the future by making pessimistic assumptions about recovery scenarios to make leaders aware of the extent of the shock they were going to have to absorb. Great corporations think now is not the time to fundraise. What did you notice as a type of mobilization during this period? Sanaa Moussaidfound several levels of accountants. There will be a lot of breakages, but as many companies that will take advantage of the situation. Accountants are more than 20,000 firms in France,

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