Tag products: As one of the types of posts on Facebook tag product post types on facebook Tagging products is the type of publication on Facebook that allows you to tag products that are offered on the fanpage . As users view tagged products, they will be able to select the tags to purchase. We emphasize that you can tag new products or products that are already in the feed. It is worth mentioning that this tool can only be done from a PC as follows: Upload a post with photos or videos. Click on the tag products icon. In the photos, click on the product you want to tag and type the name of the product. Press Finish Tagging and save. After following these simple steps, you will see the products you tagged in your post.

We recommend tagging less than five products for each image, because you want customers or potential customers to focus on the most outstanding products. 3. Poll: Type of publication that makes users interact survey types of posts on facebook Polls are the type of Facebook post that needs community interaction. Within them, questions Bolivia Phone Number are to know the likes and dislikes of the users. Plus, they make followers feel like their opinion matters. Options can be presented with text, photos or GIFs . Next, we will mention the main benefits of implementing surveys: Increase Facebook engagement and post reach. Know the opinion of the followers. Help build a relationship with your community. Draw attention. 4. Buying gift cards.

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As an attractive publication gift card post types on facebook Gift cards are one of the types of posts on Facebook. This is characterized by being a payment method by an external partner. In order to manage gift cards, the following information is : Information about the company administrator: Full name Direction Date of birth Telephone Information about the company: Email Name Category Employer Identification Number Bank account information: Account holder and type Route number Account number graphic assets fan page logo images for gift cards 5. Advertise your business: Stand out among the types of posts on Facebook advertise business post types on facebook Advertising your business is a type of publication that mentions various points that you may want to improve on your fan page.

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Facebook asks to select one to start growing the business. Next, we will mention the options by Facebook that can objectives to achieve with a promotion: Get more purchases on the website. Boost a post. Promote an Instagram post. Receive more messages. Promote your page. Promote your business in your area. Get more views on the website. Get more leads. 6. Live: It stands out among the types of posts on Facebook since it is in real time live post types on facebook A live is one of the types of posts on Facebook that deals with streaming video in real time . To make a Live on Facebook, you must enter the profile of your fanpage and within the status sharing area you will find the option “Live Video”.

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We emphasize that it can from cell phones and computers. We also recommend checking the internet signal and doing tests before doing it. Live viewers can watch the stream on a connected phone, computer, or TV. In addition, they can ask questions, comments, reactions or be present in real time. Although you can go live on a Page, a group or an event on Facebook, we emphasize that the live on a page has more tools. Your Lives can appear in your community’s News Feed and in the new Facebook Watch Live destination. This makes it easier for users to find live streams that suit their interests. 7. Event: Among the most Facebook post types.  Event post types on facebook Events are within the types of Facebook posts.

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