As a result, information from the environment of South Africa Phone Number influencers could lead to online social identification. This can strengthen the ability of these influencers to influence the consumer. Because local influencers are literally and figuratively closer to South Africa Phone Number your target group. They can help local companies in an authentic and efficient way to spread a good review. But aren’t local influencers just for small. Local brands? New! It often goes wrong with South Africa Phone Number the idea that big brands should only use macro influencers. Local influencer marketing is all about promoting your brand in the local market. That is why local influencers are very suitable for brands that work with local partners such as branches. Resellers or franchisees.

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The communication goals for 2022 South Africa Phone Number human, sustainable & always-on Especially if you have a distributed brand, and therefore multiple physical locations, it is a very good idea to let these partners get started with local South Africa Phone Number influencers. These local influencers can help these locations to spread positive word of mouth in an authentic and efficient way. In short: why are local influencers attractive? they are authentic, have a higher commitment, are closer to your target audience, and local influencers are (often) affordable. Screenshot South Africa Phone Number of an influencer on Instagram. Why is this an important trend for 2022? Brands have had time in recent years to discover what influencer marketing can do for their business.

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Many brands see the benefits of influencer South Africa Phone Number marketing, but due to the influencer overload , they lose their credibility and engagement with their followers. Research shows that the engagement of micro and nano influencers is many times South Africa Phone Number higher than that of influencers with a larger number of followers. And with engagement being the most important Instagram parameter, more and more companies are moving to South Africa Phone Number nano-influencers. In addition, companies are increasingly recognizing the added value of local marketing and are giving local partners more and more marketing responsibilities. Brands that want to reach a target group in a certain region will therefore have to focus on a strong local influencer marketing strategy in the coming year.

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