Our Twitter account @> Markentive_FR has exceeded 3000 followers. On this occasion, we propose to give you some tips for successful business communication on Twitter! With 200 million monthly active users and 9 years of existence, the microblogging service is Ireland Email Database a platform of choice to improve its online visibility. Many companies have made this observation and have chosen to make themselves visible but do not necessarily know how to do it With an atypical profile, a new kind of recruitment process is required of us, and like Kindsey Kirchoff who managed to be recruited by Hubspot, Geoffrey, actively asked us in this direction at Markentive.

Take advantage of social media .
Interact frequently with your community and above all don’t be afraid to ask for a tip, an idea, a recommendation. Don’t forget to follow the leaders in your sector on Twitter and try to establish initial contact with them in order to benefit from their expertise.

Some Tips For Having An Attractive Corporate Twitter Account:

Define a social media editorial strategy
To make yourself visible, you have to have things to say. Review the interests of your targets and do not stay focused on your products and services. A self-centered and little listening approach can turn out to be counterproductive and reflect a bad image of your company which will result in a low number of followers. Twitter is the medium of information and snapshot, relaying the news of your market and those of your customers / prospects is an approach particularly suited to this platform. Take the opportunity to present your point of view and add value to raw information.

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Twitter is a social network, do some community management!
Start by defining the different opinion leaders in your markets and the influencers of your customers on Twitter. After getting spotted with a few timely tweets, relay their most interesting tweets, mention them if your tweets are likely to bring them anything. Keep in touch with all of your followers, thank them for following you, send them personalized private messages to invite them to visit your website, and above all answer their questions and other messages. You can then directly send them your most interesting tweets in the hope that they will broadcast them or Re-tweet them to their followers, which sometimes represents several thousand contacts,a great opportunity to reach your targets.

Remember To Organize The Accounts You Follow!

It may seem superfluous to you at first, but it’s much easier to organize the accounts you follow as soon as you start your twitter account than it is to have to file a few hundred accounts a few months later. Twitter also allows you to make your lists public, and if you choose this option it must respond to a strategy with previously defined objectives, be careful they will also be visible to your competitors who will not be asked to loot them!

Succeed in your community management on Twitter
Beyond the 140-character limit, communication on Twitter has several specificities, it is advisable to adapt to them. Pick titles that speak and appeal to curiosity, determine the most used hashtags (#) in your markets, and add them to your relevant tweets. Hashtags are small # signs that allow users to quickly find tweets related to a particular topic. Thank users for bringing you the most interesting information of the week on Friday of each week through a Friday Follow (#FF) followed by an @ mention of these contacts. Finally, do not abuse the mentions (@), these are interesting to answer the subjects concerning you, or to bring a complementary point of view but it is badly perceived to make mentions without reason and to spam users!

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