One of the most exciting things about developing a new web project is seeing your Angola Email List traffic increase week after week. It is true that it is motivating to see that the work accomplished bears fruit and that the efforts made to promote your business (whether SEO, Content, Social Media or others) pay and attract more visitors every day. .

Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same. Some are struggling to get their traffic curve off the ground for different reasons. The repeated failures lead in the long run to frustration, disarray, and sometimes even to abandonment of his project. We at Markentive have already met this type of unhappy client who, despite the time they spent writing articles, running their Social Media accounts and trying their hand at guest blogging, are not rewarded at all for their efforts. We then had to take a step back from their former activities to imagine innovative and more effective methods.

More visits = more leads = more customers

We will not give you here a miracle recipe for building a successful site that will attract thousands of visits per article. Simply because there is none . The best solution will always be to work on a case-by-case basis, studying the site’s performance indicators as well as the available resources, and to build an action plan intended to correct the errors raised. Sometimes the site is not optimized for search engines and does not capitalize on organic traffic, in other cases it is quality or frequencymissing content, etc. That is why there is no single action plan applicable for all. Forget about copying and pasting if you want to succeed in your inbound marketing!

Angola Email List

Nevertheless, we wanted to provide you with some advice based on the issues that we have encountered with most of our clients, and which will help you better understand the key points necessary to develop a site that will arouse the interest of your readers and which You will not only get more visits, but by extension more leads and customers .

Define your audience

Before embarking head-on into a content marketing strategy, you should ask yourself one single question: ” Who should read my blog?” “. Once you have defined your audience, you will be ready to begin your writing work. If you give your readers what they want to read and help them solve their problems through your articles, it is very likely that they will come back to read you regularly and recommend you to others.

Keep your site up to date
Work on your website every day. Make it live . Many people make the mistake of believing that because the site is available, visitors will naturally come to them. It’s wrong. Getting successful results will take a lot of work, patience and determination. If you don’t, start a business blog and create some content. Above all, don’t tell yourself that your business is not in a sector “interesting” enough to produce articles on a regular basis. Every business has something to say, and you are no exception.

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