If the social aspect has always been an integral part of sales, the new digital era in Ukraine Email List we live has revolutionized consumer behavior. The commercial approach must evolve simultaneously and adapt to new consumption patterns.

While current prospecting methods such as the telephone or e-mailing lose their effectiveness, a new prospecting method is emerging in the B2B sector: social selling .It is the processing of data and the decisions that flow from it that will make information valuable.

Defining Social Selling:

The Social selling is a strategy implemented on professional social networks ( LinkedIn and Twitter). It allows you to get in touch with customers and / or prospects via the profiles of its salespeople to develop the business of the company (lead generation, conversion, follow-up).

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The social sellingimproves the reputation and notoriety of the company thanks to the relaying of content by salespeople. The close relationship created by these same salespeople humanizes the company, attracts the sympathy of Internet users and consequently they are more open to the services offered. In addition, the quality of the content shared by salespeople will allow them to gain influence and therefore become benchmark experts in the market.

Some Statistics

According to Forbes , 78% of salespeople perform better by integrating social media into their prospecting methods. Moreover, during its B2B pilot program, IBM increased its sales by 400% thanks to social selling.
According to Corporate Executive Board, 77% of buyers do some research before speaking with salespeople. According to the B2B Buyer Behavior Survey 2016, the three most important sources of information for a B2B solution are internet searches ( 69% ), the seller’s site ( 54% ) and colleagues / peers ( 49% ).

Advertising is no longer sufficient to attract consumers. Having become “consumer-actors” and above all citizens, the Internet has given them more power by making information easily accessible to everyone. Before buying, they do their own research, look at reviews and compare prices. The sales team is now faced with an increasingly connected, informed and demanding “consumer”.

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