It is preferable to carry out a drill applying the crisis plan in social networks Finally, you must carry out a drill in order to apply the crisis plan in social networks. Because in this way, you will know how to act in the event that a crisis actually occurs. For this drill, it is important to have all the areas involved that support brand communication. Thus, when training with the team, you will be able to estimate what their reaction would be when facing the problem. That way, you can determine if the crisis plan you are developing as a response would work for them at that time or if they need to develop other ways to resolve it. Nutella case: example of crisis in social networks A clear example of a crisis in social networks is that of Nutella when it began to launch its campaign for social networks in France in 2015.

The brand’s attempt was to go viral with the campaign “Dites-le-avec Nutella ” (Say it with Nutella) . To do this, users had to design personalized product labels and share them on their own Facebook profile. And since the brand wanted to avoid negative comments from users, it had the idea of ​​making a list of prohibited words. However, this intention Oman Phone Number turned against him since the list of words was leaked and ended up generating a series of criticisms and questions. Some words were : obesity, diabetes, boycott, and other racist, sexist, homophobic or direct brand attack terms. All this affected the campaign and went viral due to an effect contrary to what was wanted to be transmitted.

With Crises on Social Networks

However, the brand retracted, through its social networks. Conclution When knowing and knowing a little more about how to manage a crisis plan in social networks for our brand, we must keep in mind all these key points. In addition, we must be able to train our team for these occasions, and the best way would be to take a community manager course . Which will help to have better plans when facing a crisis linked to digital marketing . However, in this country the use of its own national versions of the best known social networks is managed. In the case of WhatsApp, the most used alternative is WeChat United Arab Emirates , Morocco and Egypt The voice call service was blocked, since to carry out this function the service operators must have a license.

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Iran It was blocked in 2013, for the simple fact of being owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Since then, it has had a long history of WhatsApp bans, the last episode of which occurred in 2021, motivated by changes in the application’s privacy policies. Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza blocked the application in May 2020 because there were messages and demonstrations against him. Similar prohibitions were during 2015 and 2013. Brazil It was not definitively. But it did have a 48-hour blackout period. The exact causes are not known, what is known is that it was ordered by the Brazilian justice system. Currently, it usually presents update problems to the new versions of WhatsApp.

Example of Crisis in Social Networks

Morocco It was the service operators, indicating that.  This application causes them losses and is not convenient for them.  Since to make calls they only need an Internet connection and not a balance. History of the WhatsApp Founders WhatsApp Inc. Was in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former Yahoo! employees. Jan Koum is from the Ukraine and moved to Mountain View, California when he was 16 years old. At 19 Koum was part of the famous hacker network W00w00. Where other famous technology entrepreneurs such as Sean Parker. He was part of Facebook) and Shawn Fanning (Creator of Napster) were also part. Koum went to San Jose State University to study math and computer science.  Then droppe out, thanks to David File.

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