As a methodology specific to digital marketing , inbound marketing is a constantly evolving discipline. Whether it is because of new emerging Central-African-Republic Email List , changes in consumer behavior or even search engine updates, inbound marketing professionals have no choice but to update their knowledge on a daily basis. It is hard to see themselves quickly overwhelmed by new trends and changes in their sector of activity.

What if we haven’t implemented anything yet?
We have also been asked this question. If no tools are in place, what will the digital marketing manager do? Do not worry, at this stage, two more arms will not be too much, and oddly, your delay can even quickly become an advantage: Anticipate changes in your corporate and product communication in your web tools
Choose a clean and consistent tree structure between your different websites. Benefit from a modern and neat design on all your platforms Consider social media activities for all your tools and platforms

5 blogs on community management to discover

In order to help you in this tedious task, we have decided to share with you our favorite blogs , those that we follow with interest every day in order to stay abreast of news related to digital strategies . In this first article of the series, we share with you our small library of French-speaking blogs devoted to social media that we advise you to read when you have some availability: 1) Co-founded by digital interfaces specialist Fred Cavazza , Mé aims to decipher online expression tools (blogs, wikis, social networks, etc.). To read: the panorama of social media (published every year since 2008)

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2) Kriisiis
Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google + or Pinterest , this blog always offers interesting articles, tips and practical tools. More than 50,000 people follow Kriisis on social media, that’s to say! To read: Twitter analytics: presentation of the new Twitter statistics tool ) . Published by the communication agency Wellcom , this blog offers a simple and educational approach to help communication professionals familiarize themselves with social media . To read: The links of the Guide (compilation of the latest news of the week)

What to retain from these examples?

It is also interesting to note that these successful blogs have a lot in common that should inspire all of us : They are led by multiple , varied and talented writers. The design of the platforms, even simple, will have been particularly neat. From new items are offered regularly or regularly. These blogs make optimal use of social networks to promote their articles. These platforms also respect most of the constraints related to SEO. The speech is interesting and constructive , it is not commercial! For your inbound marketing strategy , blogs are a powerful ally but their success is conditioned by simple rules, one of them surpasses them all: Submit quality articles to your readers! We also invite you to follow the blog of our community management agency in Paris!

The moderator’s blog The Moderator’s Blog is one of the official blogs of the Regionsjob job search site . In addition to the excellent quality of the articles offered, the strong point of this blog lies in its frequency of publication: in general, one new article per day! To read: The 12 key figures of Facebook in June 2013. 5) Downright Cleaner Born at the beginning of this year from the merger of two Quebec business blogs , Chalifour and Nebbio , C + N is already considered a benchmark thanks to its some 10,000 monthly visitors. It is directed by Antoine Dupin, author of several books dealing with social networks. This recent blog has quickly positioned itself as a rising source of information in social media.


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