Today for being a representative of innovation and creativity . On Facebook he has 41,364 fans and he posts sporadically, leaving all his communication to Instagram, where he has 80.7 thousand followers. It is worth mentioning that Instagram is where you have a better response, because your followers always interact with your posts. In addition, your social networks have the linked store , where your potential customers can make their purchases. It is designed for young women between 25 and 35 years old, due to its flirtatious and fun style, which they transmit through their romantic, elegant and daring designs. On the other hand, the brand has had a presence at Fashion Week and has collaborated with Disney.

In addition, he has a store in Polanco and the average price of his products is $2,500. 19. Prime Volta website icon that will take you to the best Mexican clothing brands facebook icon instagram icon digital marketing of the best mexican clothing brand prima volta Prima Volta was founded in 2015 by Anaur Layón and established it as a brand South Korea Phone Number that wants to promote fashion consumption in an intelligent way. In other words, its products are made with high-quality materials, following traditional manufacturing processes and finished by hand, to ensure the durability of the garment. It has 4 thousand fans on Facebook and 11.8 thousand.

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on Instagram, having greater arrival and interaction on Instagram. In addition, your website is quite complete and neat. On the other hand, the average price of a Prima Volta garment is $1,400. 20.Ethnology facebook icon instagram icon mexican clothing brand ethnology Alma Andrea and Liliana Hernández Fuentes are sisters born in Mexico City. In 2010 they founded Ethnology as a minimalist brand with state of mind clothing. In addition, they create concepts inspired by the Mexican reality . Its website is quite complete and stands out because it transmits serenity. On the other hand, on Facebook they have 5.1 thousand fans and on Instagram they have 11.3 thousand followers.

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This being the social network where they best communicate with their audience. They also have social responsibility projects aimed at children and young people at risk of homelessness. Ethnology’s target audience is between 22 and 32 years old and the average price of a garment is $500. If you want to buy their products you can do it through their website or in exclusive boutiques such as Canamiel, Casa Caballería and Tamayo store in Mexico City. Conclusions: Making this list of the best Mexican clothing brands was really interesting, because the Mexican market is authentic and unique. Which means that their brands also have that particular style that characterizes them. Likewise, it is important to keep in mind that this list of the best Mexican clothing brands will be modified.

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Every 6 months in order to see the changes and improvements in the other brands. That way, we will keep this list current. Your site must be easy to navigate using the fingers of the hand and.  It fast, the load times cannot be very long.  Because it is proven that the longer it takes to load. The more likely people are to abandon. According to a Think With Google study. 54% of users say that the longer a brand’s mobile site takes to load.  The more frustrated they get. On mobile, a one-second loading delay can impact conversion rates by up to 20%. Furthermore, they state that if your website offers a great mobile experience, you are 82% more likely to make purchases from their smartphones.

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