On our digital marketing blog , today we are interested in a blog that has received a lot of commentary on the French healthcare web sphere.

Baptiste, an emergency intern at the Auch hospital center, in the Gers, won the Alexandre-Vernet prize at the national congress of general Lithuania Email List nterns held in Tours in January 2013. This prize usually rewards a thesis or a brief. However, Baptiste obtained this prize for the blog he keeps ” So There you go ” , the jury unanimously rewarded “a work which has made it possible to promote general medicine in the eyes of the public”. If the public was touched by the anecdotes relayed in this way, the same is true of the doctors, some of whom react to the tickets posted. In addition, the newspaper ” the Daily doctor ” had spotted the blog and published large extracts.

In February 2013, The Beautiful Story Continues

Baptiste has just signed with Fayard editions while 3 other publishing houses were trying to obtain his services. In an interview conducted by Paris Match, we learn more about this lover of literature (he had registered in hypokhâgne), who explains having launched his blog to help French people understand medical interns.

Lithuania Email List

In her blog, Baptise reveals the daily life of her emergency department through her experience and other services by relaying the confidences of her colleagues. Often amusing, sometimes more moving, ” funny, pathetic, tragic ” according to Le Monde. “ So Voila ”, his blog, knows how to capture the interest of Internet users. Moreover, 2 weeks after the award ceremony, the number of visitors to the blog increased from 17,000 to 60,000 . What will happen after publication?

“So There You Go”, A Big Congratulations To Him!

At the end of January, Baptise wished to keep her anonymity and continue to feed “So There”. In February, however, the intern announced that to integrate this adventure into his thesis subject he would have to reduce the number of posts published on his blog to two or three per week. For our part, let us remember that health professionals recognize the use of connected tools such as blogs as communication channels as evidenced by this award and the trend should continue in this direction.

A great way to reach a large audience in the end, provided you use the right tone, expected, unique but also to write quality content that finds its audience. In any case, we can be sure that the design of the platform is not at the origin of its success ( here is the design of the blog at the origin )!

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