10 Useful Tips for Selling on Facebook Tips for responding to negative reviews on Facebook Facebook services Facebook services This social network provides a range of services that benefit millions of people and natural and legal brands around the world. Facebook has created services to be part of the experience of users who access it, at least once a day. There are some services that are stand-alone, meaning you don’t need to sign in or register to access them. It should be noted that the services are under the Data Policy, which save and store data or personal information with certain criteria. Facebook services for personal accounts Next, we detail the Facebook services for private users. Create an account

The user may register with their data and personal information to create an account or profile on Facebook. After that, you can customize it with photos, preferences, tastes, among other topics. Make friends With this service you can send friend requests to family and other people you know. Similarly, it allows you to find known people Kazakhstan Phone Number who are at a distance or who have not been in contact for a long time. Biography It is the user’s image on Facebook that other people will be able to see. This contains publications, comments, among others, but you can configure it so that only your friends can see your content and profile. Friends list Facebook allows you to create your list of friends, once you have accepted or sent the request.

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You can also create online communities or groups. Homepage It allows you to know the news of the profiles of friends and the pages or groups that you follow. These are constantly being updated, and you can use Facebook reactions to interact with the posts. groups These offer a space between people who have your same interests, and where they exchange opinions. You can customize the privacy of your groups to make it public or private. pages Brands and public figures can use this service to interact with their followers through their posts. In addition, it offers the possibility of assigning one or more people as administrator or editor of the page. Chat or messaging You can instantly receive messages with your friends. To do this, you have two options.

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Install Messenger or the web version of Facebook. Photos There are multiple options for photos on Facebook. You can upload images, create a photo album. Tag your friends in images, and you can even untag.  The photo you don’t want to appear or in. Apps and games This social network has been to interact with your friends. Therefore, you can manage and configure your applications and games. Facebook mobile apps You can be connected on Facebook from different devices, including iPhone, iPad and various smartphones with Android and IOS operating systems. Here are the Facebook mobile apps: Facebook App: It is the app developed for most smartphone platforms. In it you can share posts, photos, videos, stories and more.

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As is in the computer version. Messenger: It is the instant messaging or chat service of Facebook that opens independently. In addition, it allows you to make voice calls, video calls, send audio, gifs, emoticons, among others. Facebook Lite: It is similar to the Facebook app, but it has a simpler interface and fast loading. This is because it weighs approximately less than 1Mb. It also uses 2G networks and slow internet connections. It is suitable for cell phones with Android operating system, even those with low capacity. Facebook services for businesses This social network has also implemented services for brands and companies that want to be present on the internet. For this reason, it created Facebook for Business (Facebook for companies), a tool for brands to manage their image, build loyalty and interact with their customers, and become an excellent business channel.

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