However, we can wonder about the place of these platforms vis-à-vis other independent collaborative platforms for patients with highly developed chronic pathologies in the United States and which are emerging in Kuwait Email List , such as Carenity. It should be seen as a competitive approach or rather as an intelligent possibility of communication on the part of the pharmaceutical industry by offering real added value going beyond the manufacture and distribution of treatments. We are in favor of the second option and believe that this is an example to follow because even if it means deploying significant means to communicate, we might as well provide maximum service to users. And you what do you think ?

Give us your impressions! Need help with your digital communication? Individuals ‘ character traits and habits can be predicted from the traces of their online activity. This is the conclusion of the study conducted by Michal Kosinsk of the Center for Psychometry at the University of Cambridge in partnership with Microsoft Research. This was published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America” (PNAS) on March 11, 2013.

Relational Status Of An Individual With 67% Reliability.

To do this, the “Likes” of more than 58,000 volunteer Facebook users were studied in order to predict character traits and attributes, the relevance of these results was measured by comparison with the results of questionnaires and personality tests. On average, these tests were carried out with an average of 68 “Likes” per individual, and the more these are numerous the more accurate the forecasts made. Thus the team could reliably measure data such as:

Kuwait Email List

Likewise, and again by predictive analysis of “Like”, the team succeeded in significantly predicting attributes such as the degree of satisfaction in life, intelligence, emotional stability, extroversion, openness. of mind, or the density of individuals’ network of friends. The significance of these predictions was measured against those of personality (“International Item Pool” or IPP) and intelligence (“Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices” or SPM) tests.

Its Ethical Membership With 95% Reliability.

Some “Likes” have been shown to be particularly useful for predicting character traits. So the best likes for predicting a high degree of intelligence are “Thunderstorms” (thunderstorms), “The Colbert Report” (a satirical show aired on Comedy Chanel) and “Curly Fries” (a type of rare spiral fries in France). France). On the other hand , others predict a lower than average level of intelligence : “Sephora”, “I Love Being a Mom”, “Harley Davidson”, and “Lady Antebellum”.

Regarding sexual orientation, the Like “No H8 Campaign” (a silent protest organization against a bill banning sexual marriage in California: Proposition 8), “Mac Cosmetics” (a chain of stores dedicated to cosmetics ” and “Wicked the Musical” are the “Likes” representing the most important indices of homosexuality. Conversely “Liker” “Wu-Tang Clan”, “Shaq” (for Shaquille O’Neal) and “Being Confused After Waking Up From Naps ”are the best indicators of the heterosexuality of associated users.It is interesting to note that few Internet users voluntarily revealed their attributes. In fact, less than 5% of homosexuals were connected with groups with a strong homosexual connotation such as “Being Gay”, “Gay Marriage”, “I love Being Gay”, and “We Didn’t Choose To Be Gay We Were Chosen”.

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