Let me first define the list according to my Anhui Mobile Phone Number understanding. According to the list rule scheme such as the screening logic. Display logic. And classification logic of the list. Regular filtering/sorting. In this process. The trusted party of the list may be the platform itself. Third-party data agencies. Public data performance. Etc. The common point is the Anhui Mobile Phone Number ability to output highly credible content. For the platform. The list can be used as a way of platform content distribution; a means of content am way. For consumers. The list can assist users to quickly locate and filter the required products within the scope; assist users in making consumer decisions. However, The big data decision-making list corresponds to the public review mechanism in terms of the specific judgment rules of the list.

Definition Layer Anhui Mobile Phone Number

Divided by category. Such as: gameplay list. Music list. Plot list. Performance list. Etc. At the same time. However, These data used for Anhui Mobile Phone Number decision-making are also different in attributes. Similar to the list in . It is more to display the effect data of nodes in the uplink and downlink processes. Such as: box office list. Attendance list. Etc.; similar to douban most of the Anhui Mobile Phone Number list in the list is to collect a large amount of user evaluation data (which can be understood as the performance of user emotions). And build the list by sorting the comprehensive evaluation data. Such as: rating list. However, Service index list. Etc. there is a certain value to both suppliers. But the content of the list has not yet reached an industry consensus and has a huge impact. This is the value of the list in most products at present. That is.

List Construction Process Anhui Mobile Phone Number

Anhui Mobile Phone Number List

However, It provides a channel for suppliers Anhui Mobile Phone Number to display content . To provide consumers with screening/sorting with certain credibility. But it has not risen to a strong influence on both suppliers; or only provides a certain value to one party in the supply role. ② competitive relationship. However,  in the actual consumption environment of the list. Both the Anhui Mobile Phone Number suppliers of the list content will have a certain competitive relationship in terms of interests and psychology. A typical example is the ranking mechanism in the previous “Fan circle”. The main content of the list is the star himself (that is. The supplier). And its ranking data in the list will directly affect its spread in the fan circle. will have a psychological sense of superiority because the stars they support enter the list.

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