Manufacturing companies Denmark WhatsApp Number List need services as integrated or accompanying parts of their goods to meet new market needs. The servicification of manufacturing industries refers to the development of services along product value chains. Its importance appears to have increased due to ever more sophisticated customer demand. Technical advances and consumer preferences for sophisticated products mean that more of the value of a manufactured good is derived from services. Businesses can use services to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. For example, successful product development relies on an analysis of customer preferences, which is the job of data analysts.

Services can therefore be important for manufacturing companies in order to remain competitive in the market. The use of services can be a strategy for manufacturers to reduce their fixed costs, focus on their main core business, and increase the attractiveness of their products to consumers, strengthen customer relationships and to differentiate themselves from competitors’ products. For example, maintenance and repair services can be used by OEMs to add value to product lifecycles and to build long-term relationships with their customers. Services are used in the manufacturing sector to overcome barriers to market access, both to export and to investment.

What is servicification

An example is the use of external legal services in order to identify and help overcome the regulatory and legal points necessary to bring a product into conformity with a view to its marketing in a foreign country. Manufacturing companies position themselves as both consumers and service providers Consumer, in particular through the use of logistics and transport networks resulting from a fragmented production chain. Supplier, in particular by offering services based on their business expertise such as the maintenance of marketed products. Generally, the services offered by these companies are based on their internal expertise, allow commercial continuity with their main business and are a significant element of the financial result for the companies that offer them.


La Poste, a long-standing postal service operator, has developed an assistance service for the elderly during episodes of heat waves, to monitor their state of health, drawing on its expertise and logistics network. Faced with increasingly strong and “low-cost” competition, companies can, must broaden and differentiate their offerings by adding services to the products offered, by bundling them with other products or by offering them as part of the offer. the sale of manufactured products. In this way, they can also quickly adapt to market demands and forecast changes in demand for services.

Servicification, yes, but for what purposes

An adaptation and forecasting that the Henkel company has integrated into its strategy for the predictive maintenance market, through the acquisition of the FeelIt technology [3] . This product using nanomaterial ink printing technology which is attached to the equipment can detect structural condition and changes in strength / structure of materials in real time. With this product, the company strengthens its MRO services and creates value for its customers, allows better anticipation and planning of maintenance operations, thus generating better availability of materials for the end customer, and therefore better productivity.

So let’s build organizations that give everyone clear objectives that are part of a well-understood general purpose, compatible with skills, and with strong autonomy. And performance will follow.ANN also makes it possible to challenge the estimate of the impacts of concern for the environment and the reputation of having an electric and hybrid car. Unlike SEM, the concern is more important in developing a positive attitude towards electric and hybrid cars than reputation. It is only this year thanks to a summary article by Microsoft “on the foundations of security 2020, and by a beautiful article by Louis Naugès that I realize that this principle seems to me covered by what is now called the “Zero Trust”.

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