owever, the US consulting firm noted that the blog format was not necessarily the most suitable choice for all types of business publishing. Your agency, an expert in natural referencing , reveals the results of this study to you. The blog structure under scrutiny To do this, the study was carried out on the random selection of 100 blogs. All the pages of these blogs have been crawled one by one, in order to precisely define the content and structure of each page. The least that can be said is that the results may be surprising. The study found only 29% of blogs with at least 50% blog posts. Curiously, the predominant pages are then pages of tags, comments or paginations among others, and they show no potential for SEO. As we explained recently, this will lead to a loss of crawl budget following the (unnecessary) indexing of these pages.

And this is the case for two thirds of the blogs in the study. There are even situations where the page depth is more than 1000 clicks from home in order to get to a page. Average-clicks-blog Average number of clicks to complete from the home page to reach a post. The main lesson to be learned In good faith Digital has nonetheless studied 100 blogs composed 92% of “evergreen” publications. Indeed, if the American firm had analyzed blogs with commonly ephemeral SEO publications, such as news, the results would have been deceived. As for “evergreen” posts, they persist over time and are interesting from an SEO point of view, as long as they are still relevant in their content. An evergreen content can be a definition, or any other content that will impact SEO in the long term.

The main lesson to be learned

Then, unless a post has accumulated external links, it is unlikely that it will end up in Google if it is more than five clicks away from its blog home page. Therefore, using a blog for evergreen content is not the best idea you can have. Indeed, they will get lost in the Hong Kong Phone Number mass of posts over time and have a deplorable SEO. It is therefore advisable to create a content hub . This platform will offer you flexibility: you can then manually manage the position of your posts unlike a blog, which will have an impact on your SEO strategy. To conclude It is totally possible to organize your blog without wasting crawl budget inconsistently. But very often companies automatically use the WordPress blog format or else some mechanic that is not the right one for what they are looking for.

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Hong-Kong Phone Number List

Your SEO agency remains at your disposal, however, if you wish to have a follow-up with its experts. She will be happy to assist you in developing your digital strategy. After officially launching a version that allows you to no longer see the number of likes on Instagram, Marc Zuckerberg is in the process of thinking about an identical solution for his first social network. The influence of social networks on mental health is one of the hottest digital hot topics, and the measures to address it are multiplying. Your SMO agency reveals how social networks are trying to deal with these controversies. Interesting first tests Facebook is a giant among social networks, and therefore, one of the main targets of criticism at the moment. Marc Zuckerberg knows this, and he used his photo and video sharing platform to develop a strategy around camouflage the number of likes on publications.

The blog structure under scrutiny

Graph-share-blog-articles Percentage of blog pages in the study that are not blog posts. In most cases, setting up a content hub will prove to be the best solution. Anyway, your SEO agency remains at your disposal. If you want to develop your digital strategy and be followed by its experts. First of all, be sure to choose your plugin. Whether under or Drupal for example, this step is very important: you must seek to have total control over your facets. A fight for healthier social networks The platforms are on a mission! Facebook is not the only network facing attacks on the treatment of its users. Twitter and YouTube, among others, have already put in place measures to put Internet users in better conditions. For example, YouTube does not hesitate to crack down on channels that their children , by removing them.

But, it is also undoubtedly a means of embellishing. Their reputation in the face of the debates of the moment, incriminating them. Either way, adding new features takes time; we must develop the system and analyze the first feedback. Because what may be beneficial for some, may be harmful for others. In this case, this is the case for Facebook in this situation; Marc Zuckerberg wants to act in the face of the influence. That his network can have on the mental health of its users. However, this measure on the display of likes will have. A different impact on users, who have become accustomed to this feature. The application for years now, and even on advertisers who use KPIs. Such functions are therefore difficult to set up despite their good background. Indeed, they require a period of transition to succeed in satisfying all parties.

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