Last month, we shared with you on our digital marketing blog our personal list of 5 specialized blogs around the topic of social media that we religiously consult every morning in order to stay abreast of news and trends. Today we would like to continue to have you fill your RSS feed Cabo Verde Email List with some of our “good addresses” dealing with another topic which constitutes one of the cornerstones of any good Inbound marketing strategy : SEO (the Search Engine Optimization , or natural referencing). Indeed, it is one of the three techniques (along with blogging and social media) from the top of the funnel which aims to attract as many visitors as possible to your website in order to turn them into prospects and customers .

The not-so-young are also increasingly attracted to it: the 55-64 age group has seen its number of users on Facebook, Twitter and Google + go from simple to double in less than a year . Social media therefore seem to have definitively entered into custom since it is no longer the preserve of representatives of Generation Y only.

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Created in 2002 by Olivier Duffez, SEO consultant, Webrankinfo is today the largest French-speaking portal dedicated to SEO. Thanks to its very active forum, its tutorials or its tool tests, you will be sure to find the answer to your most in-depth questions . The site is interested in all types of SEO: natural, paid or social.
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Web agency founded by Sylvain Richard, Ax Net is one of the heavyweights of French-speaking SEO. His blog aims to help Internet users to discover and use best practices for website creation and SEO. The strength of this site also comes from the quality of the comments left by seasoned visitors who are often as interesting as the article itself. To read : Key steps for the creation of a site and its referencing

What to remember from these blogs

It is interesting to note from the blogs presented above that SEO is not (or no longer) a siled and impermeable discipline. Most of the authors regularly address other themes, such as content marketing or social media , which influence and nourish SEO as such. Proof that today, you can’t do SEO without blogging or developing your digital identity on Facebook or Twitter . In short, doing SEO is a bit like doing inbound marketing !

Quite interesting statistic, surprising even: the social platform that records the most monthly visits is not Facebook as we would tend to think, but Google +! With more than 1.2 billion visits, it far surpasses Facebook (809 million) and Twitter (416 million) . As already mentioned in point 1, the traffic generated by Google + is generated in part by users of Gmail and other Google services.

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