In a Parisian Uganda WhatsApp Number List  since 2018, we have carried out a large-scale digital transformation plan : storage of data in the cloud in data centers or at software publishers, installation of wifi, implementation of the Google for Education suite, distribution classroom lessons via Chromecast and Chromebook. The idea of ​​this article is not to come back to the transformation plan but to understand how the establishment as a whole was able to continue to function correctly during the confinement and to assess the new uses of digital technology for the school. The confinement was indicative of the proper functioning of the tools with remote use for all

members of the establishment: management, administrative staff, teaching staff and students. Following Google for Education, free , being deployed: Google apps are available to members of the organization from any computer . Everyone at the school has a Google Account except students. It is not a problem to connect because it is possible to send connection links to non-members of the organization. By this technique, teachers must even accept incoming students which gives them an efficient method of making the roll call. The real novelty was the generalization of distance courses, thanks to Google Meet, which had never been

From Almost Nothing To 640 Google Meet Per

the case for the establishment. From almost nothing to 640 Google Meet per week The analysis of videoconferences is impressive in its adoption and widespread use on a large scale . A rapid training on the tools was carried out by the IT manager the week before the lockdown prevention. Written tutorials and videos were also available. In addition, throughout the confinement, the IT manager supported the teachers to help them take ownership of the tools when necessary thanks to a Freshservice ticketing tool. The facility has gone from virtually no videoconferencing to nearly 640 a week during lockdown. Distance courses have


become a reality in this Parisian establishment. The duration of use over the period (March 26 to May 22) videoconferencing averages to 45 minutes with the workforce of 15 people . The videoconferences thus allowed the courses to proceed relatively normally but the other activities of the establishment were not left out. The class councils also took place remotely as well as the current administrative and pedagogical affairs of the school. Covid education google Meet Adoption by a large majority of users The adoption of Google Meet is also noticeable by analyzing the connections of all members of the organization (all staff with an account) knowing that there are people who are much less active because with few lessons.

To Perpetuate The Good Habits Of The Teaching Staff

On nearly 400 accounts , during the period studied (March 26-May 22), we observed approximately 50 connections per account to Google Meet for an average connection time of 30 minutes for each videoconference. Here is in detail the data corresponding to the first 20 users (anonymized): in number of times for the first graph and in time for the second graph. Google meet school confinement Google meet education To perpetuate the good habits of the teaching staff In a complicated period, the school has succeeded in fulfilling its role thanks to the mobilization of all stakeholders and digital tools.

This moment therefore allowed many education players to realize the power of digital and existing solutions over time, even after confinement. Educational managers are now thinking about maintaining the use of certain practices to improve the monitoring and conduct of lessons . The aim is not to replace face-to-face lessons, which are fundamental in many respects, but to imagine an alternation between presence and distance when this is relevant in the timetables. In particular, this could avoid overloaded classes and solve the problems of lack of space . Some teachers have also realized the possibilities of making students work in the classroom more relevantly with PCs and of establishing a relationship beyond class with their classes

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