To start this week off with a touch of humor, I am sharing with you a TumblR blog Iraq Email List by Lionel Tritschler and which amused us a lot at the Markentive office. A best of even ended up on our refrigerator.

As a communication and web design agency, we often have to look for royalty-free photographs to animate our clients’ blogs, brighten up their websites … If the task may seem distracting next to the creation of content written, it quickly becomes time-consuming and the best being the enemy of good, we spend hours there without really finding anything inspiring … What is certain is that after reading the TumblR blog d ‘a Nantes communication agency, Scopic, we will never see things the same way again …

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You will find all the cliché photos there that are funny, staged but let’s say it … don’t make too much sense, are seen and reviewed and can only rarely be used to promote businesses. And this, to the point that one wonders: But who can use these photos ?! Too wide, too white smile, lack of credibility, grotesque situation, not available in panoramic, used by everyone …

Iraq Email List

This is all the reverse side of the decor and the clichés we have to deal with in an attempt to make your businesses unique and visually attractive while remaining within reasonable cost levels. Because if the images in the fotolia or other databases cost between 1 and 10 euros per unit depending on their quality and resolution, more exclusive or tailor-made photos can represent several thousand or even tens of thousands of euros of investment! And all this, without avoiding to turn to the grotesque … The tastes and the colors …
We found the idea very funny but also very intelligent from a Marketing point of view, a good publicity stunt to promote this Scopic agency. Like what, we can laugh at everything!

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And finally, aren’t we a Trust Marketing agency? Of course, we take on the challenge of making you an ideal partner in the eyes of your prospects, and we make it easy for them to find you and contact you spontaneously. Paying a little attention to detail ultimately boils down to making you someone you can trust. Do not hesitate to contact our inbound marketing agency for more information.

Markentive being then in full growth, we were looking for an autonomous, passionate profile to lead our editors & community managers, who would also have the necessary perspective to offer innovative strategies to our clients. Very quickly, we came to consider Geoffrey’s candidacy, he had already written for us, he was passionate, and shared our values. Geoffrey has therefore actively positioned himself as the ideal candidate by adopting a personal inbound marketing strategy. Our talents are our greatest strength.

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