This alerts tool is free and offers the same functionality as Google Alerts. With the difference that it works very well. How to use Talk Walker Alerts To get started. Go to The first time you log in. You can log out directly by creating your first alert. The only information you need is your email. Which will be your username to manage the alerts in the future and will also be the address where the messages will be sent. As you can see in the image below. There are 5 fields that must be filled in: Search Query – What should be searched for?

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Result Type – What type of result? (I recommend searching for everything) Language – In which language do you want to search? (I recommend putting “Portuguese” only if you get a lot of unnecessary alerts) How Often – How often do you want to receive alerts? (You can receive every time there is a new occurrence. Once a day or once a week) How Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists Many – All results or better? (I recommend searching through all results) Note: Within the “ Search Query ” option. The service must accept any Google search. Even if you use advanced searches ( Learn to do advanced searches on Google ).

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Accepting and Moving on

Talk-walker-example After creating your first alert. You will receive the alerts in your email and you can now access the dashboard to manage them. There is no limit to the number of alerts. So I recommend using at least for the main searches involving your company. Brand or name. Don’t just monitor your name Don’t limit yourself to just creating an alert with your company name. Monitor other searches that involve not just your company. But your market. Check out tips for some things you should have on your alert list: brand name Name of your products Name of competitors (Brand & Products) Brands.

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