We love the New Years Honduras WhatsApp Number List it’s the one time we wish each other great things and share our hopes. This year, in addition to wishing you our best wishes, we are offering you an anthology of our best articles of the year 2020 on many themes, from breakthrough innovation to open data and change management. This collection will allow you to appear “smart” when sharing the galette des rois with your colleagues or loved ones… even if you have pieces of puff pastry on your sweater and frangipane in your teeth! All the same, they are often popularizing articles

with a didactic vocation. Not necessarily, as one might think, the most avant-garde or the most provocative articles. Clarity, popularization, with perspective, in one page (neither the article “pute-à-clic”, nor the thesis of 10 pages, as this present article risks becoming if I do not beware). Finally, some are the result of conscious editorial reflection, others are the result of initiatives by consultants: leaving the initiative to the initiative is vital for us (moreover, we could not keep pace with 2 articles per week if everything had to be thought of in advance in small groups). The first two articles saw a strong acceleration in their visits this year and had around 18,000 views each, or more than double the 3rd article, which had 7,324 views.

All the consultants of the ISLEAN team

The institutional home page of our site did a little worse than the 3rd article. It is the only page of the “institutional” part of the site which could enter the top 10 of our most viewed pages. Our audience is our blog This top 10 alone represents 42% of our audience, the remaining 58% being provided by the thousands of other pages of our site with a beautiful pareto: the 10th article makes on average more than 7 visits per day, we fall to less than one visit per day beyond the 69th page, and less than one visit per week beyond the 300th page


The long tail effect is therefore not to be neglected: having 300 pages that are viewed more than once a week is not negligible. It is enough that one of these visitors buys a service from you to justify all your efforts. Number 1: The match: “V-cycle” vs SCRUM, which method to choose? In September 2016, Coralie said to herself that certain elements of our internal training concerning development methods could be of interest to our Internet users. Bingo! It quickly entered the top 3, and firmly anchored at the top of the standings this year. Number 2: Collective intelligence in examples: alone we go faster, together we go further

The democratization of artificial

In 2013, I noticed that the agile literature hardly addressed the existence of the PO Proxy role, except to speak badly about it, whereas this role was found in many organizations. I spoke to Nicolas, one of our consultants at the time, who was accompanying the start-up of an agile unit with one of our major clients. We had discussed it a lot and his article appeared in January 2014. It has long monopolized the first place in our ranking, before the arrival of articles by Coralie and Balthazar. It remains solidly 3rd, and still relevant.

In June 2019, Balthazar became passionate (like all of us by the way) for the phenomena of collective intelligence. As it is his turn to write an article, he launches himself on the subject. Dazzling (and deserved) success! The article quickly settled into the top 10, then the top 3 and here it is solid 2nd. This is the result of a structured brainstorming on the subjects to be addressed in our theme of the rupture strategy. Arnaud took up the subject in October 2017 and quickly gained the top of the bill. Here, a classic of operational excellence that seemed important to address, especially in a SEO logic. In May 2018, I told Sarra, one of our consultant at the time. We iterated together on his article, and well we took it since it still works very well.

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