We have already reviewed the first results published by Ipsos OTX (for Open Grenada Email List Exchange), but other elements have been published concerning the levers of engagement and loyalty of Internet users and we wanted to share them with you.

As a reminder, Ipsos OTX comes from the takeover of OTX, an American company specializing in the development of new technological solutions for the research profession, by the French Ipsos in 2010. This Ipsos department offers various market research services focused on the use of social networks and mobile internet access. As before, the published data comes from a study conducted among 18,000 Internet users in 24 countries. Through these latest publications, Ipsos OTX has returned to the influence of responses to Internet usersvia social networks. 28% of Internet users of social networks surveyed feel more connected to brands that show them signs of recognition. These are diverse and varied and take into account responses to comments and questions, comments “likes”, launch of contests, discounts and other advantages …

This Sensitivity To Brand Reactions To Questions And Comments Is Particularly Strong In Emerging Countries.

46% of Indian internet users using social networks say that these responses allow them to be more engaged with brands, the same goes for 45% of Chinese, 42% of South Koreans, 39% of Indonesians and 37% of Turks. French Internet users frequenting social networks are the least sensitive to this approach, only 10% of them say they have been positively impacted by it. Previous data published by Ipsos OTX revealed that French Internet users rarely consulted brand pages on social networks: only 18% of them said they regularly consult these pages, whereas this concerned up to 81% of Internet users in emerging countries.

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Thus the minimization of the risk or the non-presence of risk information remains the first cause of infringements but represents 39% of the infringements observed. The share of offenses relating to exaggerating the effectiveness of the product increases to 25%.

Nonetheless, French Internet Users Were Among The Most Likely To Follow A Particular Brand.

Ipsos also looks back on the particular behavior of French people who interact little with brands on social networks but consult published content and observe their behavior. If the commitment of French Internet users seems difficult to obtain, Ipsos OTX has published the best ways to recruit and keep them on social networks.

In general, it is necessary to wonder about the way in which institutional sources are referenced. Promoting the appearance of WHO recommendations on the first page of Google results when searching for a pathology could thus be appropriate. Will a private company offer its doctors all these institutional sources on the same medium well referenced in Google? Does this service already exist?


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