Acquiring backlinks Russia Phone Number List is a challenge for any website. However, as mentioned above, by identifying your faulty pages you can acquire a bundle of inbound links for free! It is very easy to do this. Try to identify all your backlinks that point to pages on your site in error, then redirect them to relevant pages. Thus, you will recover the lost link juice and transfer it to a new page on your site.A little advice to save time: use the Ahrefs tool , which after submitting your domain address, will automatically show you the backlinks that your errored pages receive.Google pushes back the total switch to the mobile-first index, to March 2021Google has decided to extend the deadline to move 100% to Mobile-First Indexing.

The deadline was originally set for September 2020, but following the upheaval related to the Coronavirus, Google has said it will extend that deadline to March 2021, to give site owners more time to prepare during this time. Google said its initial plan was to enable Mobile-First indexing for all sites in its search results , by September 2020. However, the Mountain View firm has shifted its stance by announcing, that in these uncertain times, it is not always easy to implement projects as in normal times.

Free product listings land in the Google Knowledge Panel

Consequently, the total transition to the Mobile-First index is postponed with a deadline set for Interestingly enough, Google also pointed out the issues it still sees happening on sites that can cause issues for the switch to the Mobile-First index. The Californian company adds that if a site migrated to mobile indexing exhibits these problems, the SEO ranking of the latter will most likely change negatively.Here is the list of items, issued by Google, that you must check in order not to suffer negatively when switching to the Mobile-First index.Correctly configured Meta Robots tags on mobile . Make sure the mobile site pages are indexed the way you want them to.Lazy-loading on the mobile version.

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Be careful with the resources that you block via the Robots.txt. Make sure Google sees the elements on a page the same way your users do . You can do this using the Search Console URL inspection tool .
Make sure the main content of your pages is the same on desktop and mobile . This was the subject of an essential Quick Win SEO of one of our articles.Check your images and videos : image quality, image alt attributes, different image URLs between desktop and mobile version, tagging videos via the structured data tag of the VideoObject type , location of videos and images.

Here’s what Google explains

To this we can also recommend not to display pop-ups / interstitials on mobile , completely obstructing user visibility.In addition to this announcement, John Mueller provided some information through Twitter threads. In these exchanges of tweets, John Mueller indicates that in the context of a new site, we should avoid opting for a mobile version in a sub-domain using a “”, but rather go to a fully responsiveAfter recently making free product listings available to e-merchants in its Shopping section .

Google is now extending this functionality to its Knowledge Panel visible on the main results page, which further increases the potential of the Californian giant in terms of of e-commerce.“ Free listings in Google search results make your offerings more accessible to the hundreds of millions of people who shop on Google every day, connecting you with more customers in more places – whether they’re here. across the country or across the street. […] Currently, the purchasing options in this Knowledge Panel are all sponsored links. From this summer, these lists will be free ”This change will allow more brands to showcase their products to people looking for specific items. As with its free results in Google Shopping .

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