However, This paper proposes the “Sense of control” experience design concept by analyzing the objects and. Moreover, characteristics of Tongliao Phone Number data center operation and maintenance. And designs an operation and maintenance experience model based on “Sense Tongliao Phone Number of control”. ” and “perception layer” to explore the user characteristics. However,   For instance, Full of dry goods. It is worth seeing. Abstract: as the computing power infrastructure under the new infrastructure. Moreover, Data centers provide basic technical support for cloud computing services. The quality of operation and maintenance experience directly affects the work efficiency and feelings of users. Which poses certain challenges to designers. For instance, By analyzing the data center operation and maintenance objects and characteristics.

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For data center operation and maintenance. And designs an Tongliao Phone Number operation and maintenance experience model base on “Sense of control”. However,  Design principles. And design elements of the operation. And Tongliao Phone Number maintenance experience. Finally. However, Through the practical design of data center operation and maintenance. For instance, The feasibility and effectiveness of the operation and maintenance experience model based on the “Sense of control” are verified. Moreover, Which can effectively meet the multi-dimensional needs of business and users. Keywords: operation and maintenance experience.  Design elements. Moreover, Design process new infrastructure includes seven major areas: 5g base station construction.

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Tongliao Phone Number

However, Intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit. New energy vehicle charging piles. Big data centers. Artificial Tongliao Phone Number intelligence. And industrial internet. Research on data center operation and maintenance experience design under new infrastructure Figure 1 seven areas of new infrastructure On april 20. 2020. The national development and reform Tongliao Phone Number commission clarified that [new infrastructure] mainly includes three aspects: information infrastructure. Moreover, Integration infrastructure. And innovation infrastructure [1]. Among them. However, Information infrastructure is the focus of this paper. And it is also the main object of business operation and maintenance: including new technology infrastructure represented by artificial intelligence. Cloud computing. Blockchain. Etc. Etc. The development of infrastructure has always been the driving force in technological fields such as the internet. Big data. And ai. In large enterprises.

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