The translation into a mobile-friendly subject line is Lithuania Phone Number crucial in our digital age. In 2020, 81% of all emails were opened on a mobile device . Enter the numbers By 2021, mobile online purchases will bring in about $3.5 trillion, according to Statista . This is almost three quarters (72.9 percent) of all online purchases. Looking at the numbers from previous Lithuania Phone Number years, this is definitely something a marketer should include in their campaign plan. So take advantage of it. An appropriate subject line can sometimes make the difference. Susan Bijl gives a good example of a simple subject line.

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The subject line comes across well to the reader Lithuania Phone Number on both a desktop and a mobile user interface. Short and sweet. Email inbox on mobile screen with mail from Susan BijlEmail inbox with email from Susan Bijl 5. Work (Christmas) Miracles with the Lithuania Phone Number Cialdini Principles Convincing the reader is central to the marketing world. Robert Cialdini is a pioneer in this field. The psychologist describes seven different influencing principles. But how can you apply these so that your subject lines stand out in the inbox? Below are a few briefly described and how you can best use them in the most pleasant and fruitful period of 2021.

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Social Evidence People are naturally looking for social Lithuania Phone Number proof, even when they are about to make a new purchase. By sharing (positive) experiences of satisfied customers, you create trust and complete their search for social proof. Imagine yourself again Lithuania Phone Number for a moment in the toilet paper madness. One buys a pack of rolls more, soon others will too. Reviews are an example of online social proof: others liked it, so chances are you’ll like it too. Play smartly on the persuasiveness that other people have on us. Authority Consumers like to make a purchase from someone who knows their business. Whether this is knowledge, experience or expertise.

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