When it comes to communication and digital marketing, the first points that may come to mind are for example: having a website, being present on social networks … but very quickly: we think of the e-mailing. Greener, less expensive and faster than traditional mail, mail has Pakistan Email List itself in most businesses, even the most traditional ones, as an excellent way to communicate with prospects and customers. So practical and flexible, the tool quickly experienced abuses that tarnished its image: mass e-mailings, SPAM… Also, the rise of mobile media such as tablets, smartphones, the multiplicity of messaging systems and software has somewhat changed the situation, now raising the question of compatibility.

These lists are not exhaustive but they can give you some ideas to get you out of this situation of doubt. If you have a web project and would like some advice or to know more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us! Performance and finishes: Does your website load quickly? Are your legal notices, links to social networks or page 404 optimized? Does your site really look like you? Does the content on your site reflect your activity at first glance to someone who might not know you? This should already make you aware of what can differentiate a website from another in the quality of its realization. But then v ers who to turn to this set up?

Is Email Dead In Favor Of Blogging And Contacting Via Social Networks? No !

That being said, some adjustments are needed and to avoid knocking you down with “the 455 points to consider for a successful email campaign”, we will start with the first 5 points and continue this discussion over the next few weeks via our blog. . If we start from the beginning, let’s ask ourselves the question: Who to send our emails to? How to ensure the quality of your contact base?

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Don’t rush into paid database solutions and buying files.
If this practice can sometimes help you, unfortunately the results on this type of media are often very bad and for good reason. These contacts do not necessarily know you, they may not be looking for a business solution for you, and ultimately will not perceive your unsolicited messages. Prefer a reduced email base of people who have chosen to give you their contact details!

If This Is Not Automatic, Consider Retrieving Your Customers’ Contacts.

Often, sales reps have little concern for marketing activities and mailings. In my opinion, it is important to remind them that these activities are primarily there to generate new leads. Consider including employees in contact with your customers in your e-mailing process. Maybe part of the bonus plan can be objectified on this point?

Mix your online and offline activities.
By choice, internal organization or lack of knowledge, some brands that market products simultaneously in store and online find it difficult to adopt a global e-mailing strategy. However, your in-store customers are also likely to order via your website and will surely be interested in your newsletters. Consider automating these practices, Ipads in stores, internet terminals …

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