It is clear that in both cases Facebook saw the potential of these social networks, bought them and initially let them grow on their own. Then he was debugging and optimizing them to make them more efficient and adding more updates. It even added functions from its main competitors, such as stories, filters, among others. In this way , Facebook has managed to expand its services and is shown as a complete social networking platform. Facebook tries to buy Snapchat During its history, Facebook has always been aware of its competitors and sought to neutralize them through the purchase of these applications. Or else, put out their own version of the features these apps offered.

Such is the case of what happened after the negotiations for the purchase of Snapchat , the social network with fun filters and short videos. After years of sustained growth, Facebook began to realize that it was losing presence among its younger users . Certainly, young users are an important segment for Facebook and the reason Ivory Coast Phone Number for all its efforts to modernize. For this reason, when Snapchat emerged in 2011 and was very well received by young people, Facebook did not hesitate to try to add it to its team. Subsequently, faced with no talks with Snapchat to become part of the Facebook family, the latter resorted to another strategy to overcome it: copy its functions .

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So much so that Facebook tried to clone Snapchat and its ephemeral photo feature, with an app it called Poke. However, Poke was a total failure and that is why Facebook tried to take the next definitive step: buy Snapchat. For this, Facebook offered the founders of Snapchat the sum of $3 billion in cash. Zuckerberg’s company intended to repeat the same strategy carried out with Instagram in 2012. However, despite the offer. Snapchat flatly this offer and on its way as an application.  With a high presence in the youth audience. Facebook launches Instagram Business After Facebook bought. Instagram, it was in charge of debugging it, removing accounts. With sensitive content and letting it grow in number of users.

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Thus, little by little , the functions of Instagram were expanded and it has managed to become one of the most used applications. And not only for sharing photos and videos, as it is currently a great advertising platform for various brands . For this reason, Facebook implemented Instagram Business in 2017 so that businesses have a broad understanding of their audience and content metrics. This tool includes flags for business profiles only, plus the ability to create ads directly. In this way, the possibility of optimizing advertising campaigns on Instagram is expanded. The Instagram for Business platform has three main tools Business Profile: In this tool, companies can choose how they want to be contacted by customers, including contact details and even call-to-action buttons. Additionally, with a company profile on Instagram you can access important metrics about ad campaigns.

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Insight: This tool provides information about followers and posts with the highest engagement reach. Demographic data about the audience can be obtained in order to create efficiently segmented campaigns. Likewise, it offers information on the hours of greatest use and visits to the profile. Promotion: By using this tool you can turn posts into efficient ads, just by adding an interaction button. In addition, you can choose the target audience that will see the ad during a defined promotion time. Facebook in 2020 presents the lowest growth since its creation Year after year.  Facebook has had constant economic growth.  Since it the stock market in 2012. As is , this social network depends a lot.  On its shareholders in the stock market and its annual growth.

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