How much support is there for your communication Venezuela Phone Number plan? And involve the right people – with clear goals, an appropriate strategy and tactics – to discuss this with each other and arrive at a buy-in. Who are these? This varies per organization, but it often involves an interaction between communication strategist, researcher, brand management and senior Venezuela Phone Number management. It is important that everyone understands what you are investing in and why. Take the strategy document drawn up earlier. Always refer to this (also in your measurement Venezuela Phone Number report, this is your context). This prevents you from (too) easily changing course during the ride in the event of a setback.

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A clear strategy document acts as a compass. Measurable Venezuela Phone Number communication: choices that you can justify A sharper process of the strategy formation of your communication program also makes this same program more measurable. You then measure Venezuela Phone Number the right things faster, based on choices that you can also justify. It thus contributes to the added value of you as an accountable communication professional and/or that of your department in Venezuela Phone Number realizing the business goals. You can never really get any worse from this. Rituals was voted the Most Customer-Friendly Company in the Netherlands in May 2021 . Striking, when you consider that the retailer had to close its stores for more than 4 months in the corona year.

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Rituals was able to continue to fascinate and bind Venezuela Phone Number customers even in these special circumstances. What makes Rituals special in terms of customer friendliness? What do they do well, what do they do differently? Founder and CEO Raymond Venezuela Phone Number Cloosterman and Country Director Benelux Lizette Lulofs talk in 8 topics about their customer-friendliness choices and about the experiences in a special year. “Do we do things differently from other Venezuela Phone Number retailers? We don’t actually look so much at colleagues in our sector as an example for customer-friendliness”, says Lizette Lulofs. “We are more likely to be inspired by the hospitality sector.

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