The new trending method of UX (user experience)? Product Thinking ! This Cocos Islands Keelings Email List is spreading like wildfire across Europe, but what’s the point anyway? Think of product rather than functionality! Find out the purpose of this new process.

In an increasingly complex and competitive world, we are trying to find alternatives to our old working methods by clearly simplifying things for ourselves. Today everything is subject to THINKING: design thinking, visual thinking, lean thinking … and now we are discovering product thinking. This operational method is intended for all managers who are interested in the various performance levers and the profitability of their product / service.

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When we think of user experience we think: beautiful, easy to use and understand and when we want to develop a new product we think of “improving an experience or creating a new customer experience” . It’s about designing the functions of a product or service that can make our user’s life easier, but WE’RE WRONG. Functions are only a small part of the product.

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Today we have to think: Product. Thinking in terms of a product means first of all thinking about the user problem, the work to be done, the goals to be achieved and the income to be generated.

Product Thinking Takes Place In Several Stages:

Take the case of Uber as an example. The primary user experience for Uber customers is to get a taxi quickly, easily, and anytime. The timer that lets you know exactly when the taxi will arrive is only a function of the user experience. Uber’s service can live without the timer function, but the timer cannot live without the service. The designers of today and tomorrow will therefore have to think first: product.

A product usually responds to a problem. The problem must therefore be real because if the product addresses a non-existent problem, the product becomes useless and no one is going to use it. The work of designers is therefore to find the main problem in order to find the right solutions and thus find the product. Observing customers is proving to be the best way to fully understand and know their needs and problems.

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