As a downstream development. Sometimes Henan Mobile Phone Number you are busy with 996. And sometimes you have nothing to do. The technical person in charge comes to communicate with you. What will we do in the next iteration? You can’t give a clear answer. You can only give a perfunctory answer: I don’t know. Listen to the leadership’s arrangement. Leaders may not have a clear idea. And they Henan Mobile Phone Number are still waiting for you to come up with some ideas and solutions to enhance user value and business value. But if you do nothing. In the eyes of the leaders. You are more and more like a human prototype. And the person who draws the prototype is not the imaginary product manager at all. I think most junior and intermediate product managers have encountered some of the above problems. These problems are essentially due to the lack of product planning. How to avoid these problems? First of all. It is necessary to change the thinking from passive thinking to active thinking.

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That is. Receiving an external command and then Henan Mobile Phone Number executing it according to the command. Many technical personnel have a typical way of thinking. As long as the product manager clearly describes the product requirements. The technical personnel can implement them Henan Mobile Phone Number according to these requirements. There is no problem. But the product manager cannot have this kind of thinking. Product managers need to do competitive product analysis and product thinking based on this background. And then give corresponding product solutions. To meet business needs. They must think actively. It is very difficult to actively think about this matter. And the perception must be changed from the bottom. Many people think that as soon as I work. I will do whatever the leader arranges. Why should I take the initiative to think about it. Feel the fish. Mess with the time. And be a screw?

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When this perception occurs. It is difficult to think Henan Mobile Phone Number proactively and make product planning. Share a method to cultivate the habit of active thinking. Li mentioned a method in “The road to wealth and freedom”. If you want to do a good job well. And you want to Henan Mobile Phone Number make a painful thing happy. Give it a significance. Take product planning as an example. It takes time and energy to do product planning. If you don’t think of a particularly good meaning. It is a painful thing. If you give a meaning. It will be different. For example. You can gain the trust of the leader through product planning. Make the r&d team work more rhythmically. And make your work more active and meaningful. I am not sure that it will be possible because the planning is well done. A sense of the overall situation. So promotion and salary increase. After the cognition has changed. Let’s look at the specific product planning method.

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