For those who are not Parisian, the Oman WhatsApp Number List store in Montparnasse is located 100 m from the train station, in a very lively and shopping area, with a surface area of ​​5,000 m2, and a through layout, located between the rue du Départ and the Joséphine Baker square. It wants to be the archetype of the Parisian store. Respond to the concerns of residents of large cities The store seems to have targeted all the themes of concern specific to urban sociology: Ecological concern , with automated recycling kiosks highlighted at the entrance “Soft mobility” with a connected cabinet for recharging and exchanging electric scooter batteries

from the Zeway partner “Inclusive trade” with a dedicated space to welcome partners to highlight the trades of trade and crafts Proximity with monthly exchanges organized between customers and the store manager in this central space Recycling terminal Connected recycling terminal Zeway terminal Electric scooter battery recharging More than a store, an ecosystem It has been said a lot that strategy in the digital age no longer focuses only on the internal strengths of companies, but on building ecosystems. We find it here: we leave the shore of the classic supermarket to go to that of the Parisian department store, with a living space in which various stands or services offered by renowned partners (Lalos bakery, 011ze crêperie, etc.)

More Than A Store, An Ecosystem

Various services are offered by start-ups (we have mentioned Zeway top-ups, we can cite My super neighbor for local exchanges, and many others). We will focus more particularly on the connected trolley, supplied by the start-up Knap. A place of life The major innovation: the connected trolley This trolley is equipped with cameras which recognize and record the on-board products as they occur, as well as a touch screen (tablet type) and finally an integrated payment system. The customer becomes completely autonomous from end to end in his shopping, without any more going through the checkout (without making online delivery);


The customer connects his customer account from his “Monoprix et moi” mobile application for payment and choice of delivery; The customer leaves the cart, after payment, in a dedicated, refrigerated area, ie in the storage area for the departure dock for home deliveries. Connected shopping cart 2 Terminals to manage deliveries and payments Trolley drop zone Trolley drop zone An emblem of the acceleration of “phygital” observed in the sector Everything is done to facilitate the fluidity of the customer journey: numerous payment terminals, “seamless” experience on the connected shopping cart – application – delivery.

The Major Innovation: The Connected Trolley

It is a question of promising the consumer a convenience store, “place of life”, associated with the ease of use of e-commerce deliveries. Does this “showcase” store foreshadow the future of commerce or is it just a passing summary of fashionable trends? Will we find variations outside of Paris of some of the concepts developed here? It is quite probable. To be continued. In the explanatory factors for these remarkable differences between groups of students, one of the explanations comes from the teachers: the establishments in the sample whose students are equipped with ADE have in fact more teachers who are themselves equipped with tools.

And in endowed colleges, these professors felt greater freedom in the use of digital technology for teaching: without feeling more competent or without declaring that they were better trained and without developing more collaborative practices between professors, these teachers nonetheless integrate digital more into the educational project and student support and create more sequences with the students during which the latter use digital technology. The note ends with an unbearable suspense : a later study will tell us in which path the pupils of the sample observed when they pass after their third class. To be continued, therefore.


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