In November, the 50A agency launched “Personal Data Month” with the hashtag #SaveMyData. In this context, several themes on the subject will be Christmas Island Email List throughout the month, in order to question the future of our personal data in the digital age.

This first chapter gives us an overview of the disclosure of our personal data and our private lives on the Internet. How does it manifest itself? How is it perceived by Internet users?



Since 1948, the protection of privacy has been a fundamental right guaranteed by article 12 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In France, the law of July 17, 1970 protects this right in article 9 of the Civil Code.

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With the development of information technology, the law of January 6, 1978 reinforces this right by creating the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms (CNIL). This commission is responsible for “ensuring that information technology is at the service of the citizen and that it does not infringe human identity, human rights, privacy, or individual freedoms. or public. ” What about today ?

The Power Of Cnil Facing Worldwideweb

Email, chat, social networks, search engines, purchases, cloud, submission of forms … everything you do on the internet via any medium is subject to data storage. Whether paid or free, the platforms collect your data, sort it and classify it according to different criteria. Your purchasing power, your tastes, your habits, your movements and your opinions are studied in order to identify typologies of individuals and behaviors. The use of this data is so diverse that it offers an infinite number of possibilities.

As a national commission, the CNIL may well be queen in its territory but faced with WorldWideWeb, it is only an island drowned in a flood of information that escapes it. When public transport users complain about the power of the spy chip of the Passe Navigo successor to the Orange Card , the CNIL intervenes upstream in the interest of the plaintiffs. But faced with titans such as Google and Facebook , the CNIL attacks, files a complaint, sanctions but does not really alter the power they have already acquired.

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