Following on from a previous article presenting our case study on innovative Norway Email List addressed to physicians, I would like to share with you a presentation that can be downloaded from the resources area of ​​our site on the topic of digital marketing for biotechnology companies.

This factual presentation makes it possible to reposition webmarketing for highly technical BtoB companies and we took the opportunity to broaden the debate in favor of inbound marketing. Communicating with doctors and researchers can also be done via the Internet! Learn how to become visible and credible to generate new leads and boost your sales! Take advantage of specialized social networks such as biomedexperts, labroots … This document is part of the marketing and communication support service offered by Markentive and calibrated to measure for biotech companies (CRO, CMO, drug discovery, etc.)

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Lack of visibility for your service provider: On a simple content production contract, your service provider will not have easy access to your customers’ feedback in a direct and dynamic way. To overcome this problem, we very often combine the production of content with guest blogging, SEO and community management activities. The broader the vision of your business, the easier it is to be effective on these content marketing missions .

Norway Email List

You have a budget of less than 5,000 euros excluding tax but you have time to devote to this project to prepare your file and seek professionals. Your project is small and has a small number of pages or very simple functionalities. You have a very precise idea of what you expect from your website. You have already created your graphic charter and have many visual elements ready to highlight your web presence.

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Your texts and your navigation are already done in word, powerpoint, or other. Don’t ask your web designer to write them for you, it’s not his job! You are familiar with web marketing and know how to ask the right questions. If not, get help from a friend or a knowledgeable relative so as not to select a “bad” professional.

You have a budget of over 5,000 euros excluding tax and you don’t want to waste too much time on your web project. You are quite open about the final rendering of your website and expect real advice. Your project has a lot of articles and content and you don’t really know how you are going to organize it yet. Social media and SEO aspects are important and you expect your website to be optimized for it. You are looking for help with writing the text, translating it or other editorial content. Your graphic charter is still incomplete and you do not know which visual atmosphere you are going to orient yourself towards.

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