This is because they work optimally and help increase interaction with users. Likewise, Instagram stories is the most recommended digital channel tool to show the human and relaxed side of the brand. Much of the content of companies on Instagram goes through a process of elaboration and design. Therefore, we believe that you can implement stories to show more real scenarios such as behind the scenes. Instagram stories are a marketing action that allows you to create a bond with the community . It also makes it easier for your followers to identify with the brand. Another feature that we consider one of the most important on the platform is that it is the first thing you see when you enter Instagram.

For this reason, we recommend that you take advantage of this type of publication to reach users. 3. Live: Videos on Instagram that stand out for being made in the moment The live is the type of publication with video content that is transmitted in real time . When you want to perform one, you must enter the section on the left at the beginning and at the bottom you will find the option to start the live. On the other hand, it can Switzerland Phone Number from cell phones and computers. Also, it is one of the most optimal posts as your followers will be notified when you start one. Users who enter your live can interact through likes, comments and reactions. It is worth mentioning that every action that is carried out will be seen in real time.

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As advice we can tell you to check the internet connection and perform tests before starting a live. Also, when you start we think you should wait a few minutes until a good number of people connect. 4. Reels: One of the most attractive videos on Instagram for users Reels are another type of publication on Instagram that stands out for being audiovisual content that can last up to 15 seconds . Likewise, they differ from stories because they are more produced videos and have a greater number of tools. Also, they have their own separate section of the Instagram feed but you can enable them to appear as part of it. This type of publication on Instagram is part of the marketing actions of many companies because it is attractive content that usually attracts the attention of users.

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Likewise, they can be found in the “Explore” section, making it easier to reach new audiences. It is worth mentioning that many brands share their Tiktoks content as Reels so that users know how to find them. Although we consider that it is a good strategy, we believe that you should also make unique content for each platform. 5. Instagram TV: Among the videos on Instagram with the best results Instagram TV is one of the publications with which marketing is usually done on Instagram since it is audiovisual material of longer duration. It stands out because it has its own application , which is very convenient for users. This is intended to see more complete and elaborate videos that can last up to 1 hour. In addition, it provides the options to comment, like and share.

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Many brands have taken advantage of this type of publication, resulting in greater engagement with their community. In addition, it is important to mention that this content stands out among Instagram videos since it can provide detailed information and answer frequent questions about your brand. As a consequence, we believe it is important to implement it as part of your digital marketing strategy. Advantages of videos on Instagram We have already mentioned the various types of videos on Instagram that can be made. Therefore, we believe it is important to comment that its implementation within.  The digital marketing strategy can help optimize strategies and actions. In addition, we highlight that they are publications with a high potential for success. Which depends on how dynamic and attractive it is.

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