50A Galaxy the podcast explores the digital transformation of a business sector every month. For this first episode, we discuss the digital Turkey Email List of the State with Jean-Michel Billaut, forerunner of the web in France. He gives us his vision on French political choices in terms of new technologies and explains why Estonia is the example to follow.

We consider Jean-Michel Billaut as a “guru” of the French Internet, moreover he is called the “Taulier” in the middle. He began his career as an economist at the Banking Company. In 1978, he created the Atelier Compagnie Bancaire, a center for technological monitoring and analysis of new technologies. Later, he revolutionized the banking sector by generalizing the use of the Minitel for the electronic entry of credit files. It was one evening in 1994 that he “surfed” the web for the first time, starting with the Morgan Bank website and ending in the Rhododendrons of a New Zealand garden. He therefore pleads for the development of the Internet in France and contributes to the launch of many sites in the 90s.

And The Solutions Lie On The Estonian Side:

“If Europe does not keep up with Estonian time, that is to say that it does not adopt the Estonian strategy, like the X-road, it is going to be overtaken by the Americans and the Chinese! ”

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And he recalls the cost of digital transformation projects that have not succeeded, such as: “Louvois, the platform to pay our soldiers, 440 million euros. Quaero, Jacques Chirac’s project to compete with Google, 225 million euros. François Fillon’s Sovereign Cloud, 175 million. From the calculation plan of General de Gaulle, to the personalized medical file, we have thrown everything in the trash! ”

To Find The Full Interview With Jean-michel Billaut, Listen To Our Podcast:

At the end of our interview, we asked our Taulier what are the sectors that will be uberized in 2018. And according to him it is Uber itself that will be uberized, with peer-to-peer solutions such as Arcade city, and transport more generally with the progress of autonomous vehicles, especially in France with Navya. More surprisingly he announces:

“A whole bunch of jobs that will start to be disrupted: 1.0 knowledge, doctors, lawyers, etc. And even if it is not for 2018, IBM, with artificial intelligence, is already helping medics, but in 10 years it will replace them. ”


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