With the ecological crisis threatening our current lifestyles, many city dwellers are trying to turn to a simpler way of life focused on respect for nature. This is why before our event of the month, “ Plant your seed ”, we Sudan Email List to discover the initiative of La suite du monde. Because we are convinced that planting seeds on a Parisian terrace is good, but planting the seeds of projects to improve our better living together is even more important.

Faced with the climate emergency La suite du monde aims to “free up” agricultural land and real estate in order to carry out activities that make each actor of this change more autonomous . Through agriculture, communalist organization, education, and energy, etc … La suite du monde also wishes to “ multiply research, experimentation and advice activities in order to make these Imagined Communes multiplied, connected to each other . “

Can You Describe To Us What You Do?

La suite du monde acquires agricultural land which it makes available to collectives via local cooperatives, in order to make it common and common.

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What does your solution bring to others?
We support the dynamics towards more autonomy and emancipation, by human, technical, legal and financial support (up to 50k € over 3 years) and the rental of hostels and common places allowing to be reached, without capital barrier, at any time.

What Are Your Long-term Aspirations?

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