Open Source Ecology (OSE) is an association that offers documentation and open-source plans to create South Africa Email List and tools independently. All the documents for the 50 machines are made available on the “Global Village Construction Set (GVCS)” platform. In this way OSE works for an open-source economy.

According to Wikipedia the open source designation , “applies to software (and now extends to works of the mind) whose license meets specific criteria established by the Open Source Initiative , that is, the possibilities free redistribution, access to source code and creation of derivative works. Made available to the general public, this source code is generally the result of collaboration between programmers. ”

Can You Describe To Us What You Do?

Open Source Ecology participates in a global movement which wishes to bring out a kind of technical Wikipedia. So that basic production machines and tools are accessible to everyone. More particularly the machines on which we want to work are those which we would need at the scale of a village to ensure the bases of a simple and ecological life (agricultural machines, working of simple materials, renewable energies). Concretely, we design machines or objects, we make prototypes to test them, then we publish the plans in a freely accessible way.

South Africa Email List

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What Does Your Solution Bring To Others?

We try to work on projects that will be useful in the world even if they are seen as unprofitable, and therefore unnecessary, in today’s world. In particular, we have worked a lot on a solar concentrator that provides steam up to 200 ° C to cook, distill, pasteurize, but also to power motors and pumps. It takes an industrial concept, but it is designed in such a way that it can be made in just about any mechanic’s shop with simple metals and fairly common tools.

For example, we have also worked on a hemp defibrating line which extracts the fiber from the plant in order to be able to make technical textiles and building materials of plant origin. These are industrial-scale projects, which even when they are carried out in a company require years of development. So we move forward as we can, at our own pace and in a good mood!

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