What if the countryside came to settle in the city? This is the crazy idea of ​​Cocott’arium which wants to South Korea Email List henhouses in the heart of cities. Combining ecology and city life is their goal. A very inspiring and promising project that we support at 50A. Aurélie will be with us on June 27 to tell us more about Cocott’arium.

What does your solution bring to others? Cocott’arium is an awareness-raising solution for sorting biowaste at source for all individuals and makes it possible to comply with the law on energy transition of 2025.
What are your long-term aspirations? Bring animals and plants back to our cities and integrate chickens into the lifestyles of city dwellers.

How Do You Use Digital Technology To Promote Your Association?


Several studies have shown that when a person uses their smartphone to search on Google, they will be more inclined to use queries of more than three words and in natural language (that is to say as if they were asking questions). someone in front of them). By focusing more on semantics than keywords as well as Long Tail queries , Hummingbird will deliver more relevant results to mobile users.


And, since today 63% of adults with a smartphone use it regularly to surf the net, we can say that Google has decided with this new update to adapt to new user behaviors. Digital tools help us to unite a community around the values ​​we defend, we also meet other actors with whom we work and we can carry out common actions.

More Relevant Results For Smartphones

Hummingbird is therefore in line with its predecessors, by promoting above all quality content that is useful to users . More and more, websites seeking to over-optimize their content and inflate their SEO through unnatural practices will have no other solution than to fall into line and respect its users if they want to continue to exist in the eyes of the Google search engine.

It is therefore not necessary to live in fear of a new algorithm change. If, as we suggest to you through our articles, you strive to put the user at the heart of your content marketing and inbound marketing strategy by offering him tailor-made content intended to meet his needs, neither Hummingbird, Penguin, nor any other animal in Google’s Ark will penalize your website in the months and years to come. Inbound marketing therefore remains more than ever your best ally to make your business exist and perpetuate on the internet …

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